Chapter 1: Departure

I woke up and I was on this platform. I looked to my left and saw an escalator going up; To my right, an escalator going down. Then I saw this sign in front of me.

You go up, you're in Heaven. Go down, Hell awaits you. Pick your choice and you stay there forever.

I wanted to know what Hell is like, but then I realized that Hell is a place for bad people. I looked at the escalator going up and wondered Well I guess I'll take the one going up. So I stepped on the escalator and was about to move a step until it stopped. "What the crap?" I asked. Then a voice popped out and said "I'm sorry we are experiencing technical difficulties. Would you like someone to come down and fix it?" I thought about it then said "No thanks I'll walk."

"Are you sure?" asked the voice.

"Yea I'll walk." I said as I climbed the stairs. I was halfway up until the escalator started moving again. "Finally." I said. As it went up, I started to wonder what it would be like to live in Heaven. I reached the top and saw a pair of golden gates. They opened and I walked in and saw angels flying everywhere. I walked in the town until I stopped at a building that looked like Congress. I walked in and saw a face in a cloud in a chair. "Hello Mikasa." he said.

"How do you know my name?" I asked.

"I am God. I know everything about everyone." he said.

"Oh in that case. Is Santa real?" I asked. I may be 17, but I wonder about things like that. "No he has human origins. said God.

"I knew it." I said. "I was just curious." He looked concerned. "How did you come here?" he asked(meaning how did you die).


I was in the park trying to control my psychic and flame powers. I caught a few places on fire and turned the flames into Fireballs(the candy) while using my psychic powers. That night, I somehow caught the whole house on fire and I burned along with it.

"I died a horrible death." I said. God looked concerned. "Well I'm glad you didn't choose to go to Hell." he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"We have a rivalry with Hell." said God. "We need recruits so we can destroy it for good and make the heavens a safer place again."

"Then I'll fight." I said. Fight Hell? That sounds awesome!

"Ok but you need to make a few promises." said God. "Never betray us, Never go there, and follow our rules."

"That I will do." I said.

"Good." said God. A strange dot of light appeared and landed on my back, forming angel wings. "That's cool." I said.

"You will have these wings while you are here." said God. "What's the point of being here if you don't have wings?" he chuckled and flew out and rung a bell. Then all of the angels, even the children gathered together.

"Everyone we have a new angel with us today." said God. I stepped up and everyone looked at me. " This is Mizuki Mikasa."

"Hello pleasure to meet you all." I said. Everyone looked at me strangely and started whispering. "You will be with the teenage group." said God pointing to a small group of teenagers that looked my age. The only thing I couldn't stand was a really cute boy that looked my age. I walked over to them and I said "Hi I'm Miyuki Mikasa but you can call me Mikasa."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Yushi." said the boy.

"I'm Temari." said a girl with a long purple ponytail and wearing a pink kimono with tiny purple flowers and purple eyes.

"Yo I'm Konata." said a girl with long blue hair and green eyes.

"I'm Kagami." said a girl with long purple pigtails and indigo eyes.

"I'm Kuji." said a boy with red hair and blue eyes.

"And I'm Sakoto." said a boy with black hair and blue eyes.I had a feeling I would like it here. So I went on the tour with them. "So who came here first?" I asked wanting to talk about something.

"I got here last year." said Kuji.

"I got here a few months ago." said Temari.

"Last month." said Sakoto.

"Last week." said Konata.

"What Konata said." said Kagami.

"Yesterday." said Yushi. I looked surprised. "People die everyday." he said.