Chapter 3: The Birthday Party

It's only a few days before I was supposed to turn 18. I told everyone except Makato, who I knew what my present was. I was in my room with Temari, Konata, and Kagami until we heard a loud bang. "What the hell?" asked Kagami as she looked out the window. We saw God destroying an angel. "What's he doing?" I asked.

"Whenever an angel breaks the rules, they either go to solitary confinment but if it's serious, God destroys them." said Temari.

"Why would he do that?" I asked.

"He's afraid the angel would kill more angels." said Konata. "It happened once."

"What happened?" I asked.

"An angel named Derek killed his brother because he hated him so much. God let him off the hook but when Derek was still mad, he took his anger out on seven angels by killing them." explained Temari. "So God was afraid he would kill more angels so he destroyed him."

"From then on, it was law." said Kagami. "But Derek said he would come back and wipe out all of the angels. Including God."

"That guy is sick." I said. Then angel that God was destroying turned to dust then disappeared. I started to cry as I felt sorry for him. We went to the park to see the boys(minus Makoto). "What happened?" asked Kuji.

"She saw the killing." said Temari.

"It's ok." said Sakoto. "It happens when you first see it."

"Well that was awesome." said a voice. We turned and saw Makoto. "Thank God for that. I hated that guy."

"Why would you say something like that?" asked Temari.

"Cause it was awesome." said Makoto.

"You're saying an angel dying is awesome?" I asked while tears ran down my face again, making Yushi walk over and hug me. "Yea." said Makoto. "Angels kinda deserve to die."

"Then why did you come here?" asked Kuji. "Why didn't you go to Hell?"

"Cause I knew that Mikasa was here." replied Makoto. "And I wanted to see her."

"Yea well you are now." said Sakoto. "Now you can go to Hell."

"Fine." said Makoto. "But before I go, I need to do something." He walked over and kissed me, making everyone stare in shock. I pushed him off of me and walked towards Konata and Kagami. "Just go and never come back." I said.

"Make sure you stay in Hell." said Sakoto.

"I will bro don't worry." said Makoto. "I'll be waiting for you, Mikasa."

"Yea right like I'd ever go to Hell." I said. Makoto started to walk away and headed for the gate that leads you to Heaven. An alarm went off, meaning that an angel is going to Hell. God appeared out of nowhere and said "Why is he going to Hell?"

"He said that angels dying are awesome." said Kuji.

"And they deserve to die." I said.

"Well he deserves to go." said God. "Doesn't he know he's an angel?"

"Not anymore." said Sakoto. "He just wanted to see Mikasa."

"I don't want him to come back anyway." I said. "I hate him." We went back to the training camp and I was wondering what powers Yushi had."I can teleport and read attacks and mind." said Yushi. "That's what you were thinking about." Damn he's good. "So try to hit me." he said. I threw a fire ball at him, hoping he would dodge it. Turns out, he disappeared and appeared in the bow and arrow section. "How did you-" I was about to ask.

"I told you." said Yushi. "I can teleport and I also knew you were going to use your fire powers."

"Damn you're good." I said. "That's what I like about you." I giggled and went to the mess hall. I then saw Kagami and Konata motioning me to sit with them. "How's it going?" asked Konata. I'm confused. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"About you and Yushi." said Kagami. "You're always together." I blushed. "Yushi and I aren't like that." I quickly said. They exchanged looks. "Yea right." said Konata.

"What's going on?" asked Kuji as he sat with us.

"Mika-chan has a crush on Yushi." said Konata.

"Guys!" I yelled while blushing.

"Well that is true." said Kuji.

"Not you too." I said.

"Well you always hang out with him." said Kuji. "So you two should date."

"Not happening." I said. "We're not like that."

"Ok whatever you say." they said together. When I finished eating, I left and headed for the dorm. What if I do like him? I thought as I sat on my bed. I stared out of the window and saw Yushi and Sakoto talking and laughing to each other. "Yushi is kinda cute." I said. "Maybe I like him a little."

"Busted." said a voice-no two voices. I turned to the door and saw Konata, Kagami, Temari, and Kuji at the door. "You guys were here the whole time!?" I exclaimed. They nodded. "We needed to know your true feeling towards Yushi." said Konata.

"And we heard everything." said Kagami. I blushed. "Fine I like him!" I yelled. "Happy!?" They gave me a thumbs up. "Now time for your date." said Kuji.

"I didn't even ask him out and he didn't ask me out." I said. Kuji smirked. "Because we're gonna set it up." he said. He was referring to him, Konata, Kagami, and Temari. I sighed. "I'm not gonna like this."

"Oh yes you will." everyone said while smirking as they grabbed my phone. "What the hell?" I asked while trying to get it back.

"Hold on." said Temari.

"Guys tie her up." said Kuji as Konata and Kagami grabbed me and tied me to a chair. "I'm gonna kill you for this." I growled.

"And sent." said Temari pressing the send button on my phone. "What did you send and who did you send it to?" I asked.

"Oh we just sent a message to Yushi saying you want to meet him in the park." said Kuji.

"You're dead!" I yelled while burning the ropes. Why didn't I think about this in the first place? I thought as I grabbed my phone. "What time did you say?" I growled.

"Oh just a 4 this afternoon." said Temari.

"That's in 30 minutes dumbasses!" I yelled.

"Really I didn't know." Kuji said sarcasticly.

"Oh yea I forgot." I said. "Everytime I cuss I'm always wondering why I don't get some kind of punishment."

"That's because." said Kagami. "You can cuss as long as you don't say God's name in vain." That made sense. "Oh yea I forgot." I said. "YOU'RE DEAD!"

"Run!" yelled Kuji as he and the girls ran out of the dorm. I ran after them and chased them all the way to the training area. "Damn it." I said before stopping in my tracks. They ran into the super power section. I found them hiding in a shed not far from where I was. Kuji floated out of the door and my hand was grasping his neck. "It was a joke." he gasped.

"It's not a joke when it comes to love dude." I growled.

"OH MY GOD KUJI!" yelled Konata, Kagami, and Temari. My other hand had a ball of fire in it and I flashed it at them.

"Mikasa don't." said a voice. I dropped Kuji and saw Yushi with Sakoto behind them. The ball of fire disappeared in my hand and Kuji crawled towards the girls. "Forget about it." said Yushi. "If it was just a joke, then it's no harm."

"But this joke was a really bad one." I said. "I mean really."

"That's ok." said Yushi as he grabbed my hand, making me blush. "Just forget about it." I looked deep into his eyes and nodded. "Hey are you feeling ok?" he asked. "Your face is red."

"What no I'm fine." I quickly said then fake laughed, making everyone else sweatdropped. "I got your text." he said. "See ya then."

"See ya." I said as he walked off. I gave everyone a death glare. "Kuji can you come here for a second?" I asked sweetly.

"Why?" asked Kuji as he took a step towards me.

"So I can kill you." I said sweetly then giggled a little, making him gulp. I punched him and went to the dorm. "Thanks for this even though I hate you now." I said then giggled. I quickly straightened my hair then realized I only had five minutes left. I ran to the park to see Yushi waiting for me. "Hey." he said. "Just in time."

"Yea." I said. We started to walk along the path until I heard rustling. I looked through the bush and saw Kuji trying to scare us. I understood what he was doing and played along. "What's that?" I asked.

"Probably a wild animal." said Yushi. I looked through another bush and saw Sakoto making deep growling noises that sounded like a bear's. He was probably in on it too. Then I saw Konata in a tree making scary cawing noises, making me jump a little. "You ok?" asked Yushi.

"Yea I'm ok." I said. Temari joined in the cawing noises and made one so scary, it could be use in a horror movie. She cawed again and this time, I jumped into Yushi's arms. "It's ok." he said. "It's just a crow."

"Not just a crow." I said. "A scary crow." I looked and Temari gave me the finger while Konata snickered quietly and Yushi put me down. Kagami then appeared and snapped a twig, making my heart skip a beat. Kagami damn you I thought. She snapped another twig, making me grab on Yushi's arm. "You ok?" he asked.

"What yea I'm fine." I said nervously. "Just a little scared."

"Don't worry." said Yushi as he grabbed my hand. "I'll protect you." I slightly blushed. "Thanks." I said before kissing his cheek, making everyone stare in awe. I gave everyone a death glare, meaning get the hell out of here. I heard faint footsteps, meaning Kagami, Kuji, and Sakoto were leaving and I saw Konata and Temari climb out of the tree. As me and Yushi walked down the path, I kept an eye out if anyone stayed. "Hey Mikasa." said Yushi. "When's your party?"

"Oh." I said. "I don't know. Probably the day after tomorrow. Everyone's getting the stuff today."

"That's good." said Yushi.

"What are you getting me?" I asked.

"It's a surprise." said Yushi putting a finger to his lips. We walked out of the forest and saw everyone there waiting for us. "How did it go?" asked Kuj pretending nothing happened.

"Good." we both said.

"What about the stuff for the party?" I asked.

"Shit we forgot!" yelled Konata and Kagami while running to the party store with Temari and Sakoto right behind them. "I have a question. "I said. "Can demons reincarnate?"

"No." said Yushi. "Cause when they die, they'll go to Hell again."

"Oh." I said.

Then it was the day of the party. We were all in this giant room. There were party streamers everywhere and at least three or four cakes. When the party began, we skipped the happy birthday song and went to the food and presents. Kuji got me a necklace with my name on it, Sakoto gave me a small knife I could use in battle, Konata gave me a manga and Kagami gave me a charm bracelet. Temari gave me a really cute kimono she made herself, and Yushi didn't give me his gift until the party was almost over. "So what's my gift?" I asked.

"This." said Yushi before he kissed me. I blushed and said "That was the best gift ever."

"So you feel the same way?" asked Yushi.

"Does this answer your question?" I asked before kissing him. We walked back inside and everyone saw the blush on our faces. "So you confessed?" asked Kagami.

"Yea." I said before kissing Yushi's cheek, making everyone scream in awe. "Well well young love." said God. "And I thought you had the title Cool n' Spicy when you were in school."

"I did." I said. "Until everyone saw my outer character and they laid off." Soon, the party ended and we went back to our dorms. "That was fun." said Konata.

"It was." said Temari. "Even for Mikasa."

"Yea." I said. "The best birthday party ever." I wondered if my parents celebrated my birthday as well. That night I had a weird dream. It was an attack by Hell and I was fighting one of them with Yushi. Then the demon stabbed Yushi in the chest and he disappeared in front of my eyes. I woke up and looked around. "Thank God it was a dream." I said before going back to sleep. I probably had too much cake.