London, England, Sol 3 23:58 January 1st 2025 Common Era

The sound of an AK-47 firing jerks her awake from deep thought. She immediately stands up as if she is tied to a rod. She cocks her Magpul FMG-9 at the sound of light footsteps that suspiciously sounded like her enemy. She raises her gun in less than a second, pointing at the dark figure's head as it came into view.

"God, Jess! Be careful with that thing!" the figure steps into the light of the flickering neon sign of the abandoned bar, his heavy Northern accent giving away his identity. The handsome face of the figure was recently scarred but, thankfully, stopped bleeding. His ash blonde hair is tousled, more than usual. His stark grey-blue eyes watches her intently, fearing that she may shoot or even more likely, checking to see if she was injured in any way.

"For the umpteenth time, do not call me Jess! One more time I hear that bloody word, I'll kick your ass." she glares at the man with all fire she can muster, although failing a bit due to her tiredness.

"Bloody my ass would be if I became a victim of your ass kickin'." the man retorts. He sits beside her. "Lovely day, isn't it?"

"Funny you can joke at this time." she rolls her eyes. Her sharp green eyes scans the area for any dark figures.

"Do not underestimate my ability to joke during war. I'm a dead sexy Darkness, after all."

"Ha-ha." she doesn't even bother forcing any amusement into her laugh.

"What are you doin', sittin' around like humans in their homo hablis stage? Let's get goin', lovebirds." a woman in black leather towers over the two, her voice taking on the London accent. Her gold eyes glare at them until they get up.

"We are not lovebirds." she mutters under her breath.

"What was that?" the women turns her glare to her. She crosses her arms, swiftly brushing a strand of her straight, shoulder length black hair. It is unlikely she didn't hear her, after all, her hearing was sharp as a hawk's and even more so.


"Okay, then. Don't want any complainers, do we? Follow me." the women's voice turns cold, her accent slipping into her generic British accent. She spins around and treks to the bigger streets, where most of the fighting is occurring. With nothing else to do, he and she follow in silence. The sound of guns hurt her ears until they were ringing like church bells. That was when she looked up at the church roof. A dark figure stood stone still, a glowing red ball in its hand.

"Duck!" she screams. The man drops onto his belly a moment before she does. The glowing red ball grew brighter at it flew toward her. "Aargh!"

She curses colorfully so much, it would put the number one cusser in the world to shame. The gun in her hands melted from the red ball. Before it can burn her more, she flings it from her hand and the gun flies into a pale figure in black garments. The figure screams before it slips into the shadows and disappearing. She glances at her hands, bruised, burned, and charred. In a couple of moments, her hands healed into just a faint pink to remind her of the burns.

"You all right?" the man asks.

"Fine, but a bit overcooked." she replies. She searches for the women in the street. "Where is she?"

"Over here." the women's voice comes from behind them. They spin around to find new, and more high tech weapons shoved in their hands. "Electromagnetic to ordinary bullets. They came from Alpha Lukos itself."

"Gee, thanks." the man comments, staring at the guns with a clueless expression on his face. The women rolls her eyes.

"So, you first press the blue power button and say to it telepathically, 'Settings' then-"

There was a loud boom and a bright golden light engulfs the entire of London.