Atlanta, Georgia, Sol 3 10:25 2020

Dying... Death... Burning... Blood... A missing jewel...

"And you must help solve this intergalactic theft crime." Cammie murmured as she finished typing what the alien and female equivalent of Sherlock Holmes would say.

"Great. That's a great starter speech for the beginning." I stared at the screen, admiring the handiwork of Cammie and me. Cammie and I finished the graphics much sooner than we thought we would. I guess it was mostly the help of Dad that made us go more fast paced. We weren't quite finished with the graphics yet; we still needed to smooth it out so it wouldn't look like Minecraft and perhaps more like World of Warcraft.

A young woman stood beside her plum wood desk, leaning on it casually. I managed to smooth out most of this character a couple days ago, except for her shoes. The woman on the screen was based off of the alien I met months ago. Their facial features were the same. Same deep ancient violet eyes. Same pale complexion. Same red lips. Same beauty. Only, the character on the screen wore a very scifi leather trench coat the reached her knees. Black sunglasses lay on top of her head, pushing away stray strands of hair. Underneath the trench coat, she wore a hooded dark purple sweater dress that accented her eyes perfectly and sheer grey leggings. Her shoes were supposed to be very hip ankle boots but they were very pixelated.

Beside her was supposed to be her friend from the Sirius Intergalactic Police Academy. We were still working on fixing him up. The general description of him is tall, lanky, handsome, ashy blonde hair, and as Cammie insisted, looked similar to Richard Fordsman VII.

Cammie and I decided that we would name them Elysia Comman and Adonis Rex. They were supposed to be in the star system of Sirius. In Elysia's past, she was a part of one of the most ancient alien races from a star system in the Andromeda Galaxy. When the star system was destroyed by the black skinned, red eyed Pythia's wrath (Blame Silvia for this one) nearly a billion years ago, Elysia was sent on an escape capsule. She crash landed on the farthest planet, a black dwarf to be more accurate, called Hecate. Elysia was found by Adonis found Elysia while he was traveling to the bar in the Saturn Rings after a terrible incident that shook Adonis to his bones. Elysia had forgotten everything about her past and years after, Adonis and Elysia attended the Police Academy. They graduated and instead of actually joining the police force, they opened up a detective/PI agency called Comman Rex Lune, which meant wisdom in the mind in a long forgotten language.

The video game we were creating was supposed to be their first case. In the video game, the player was allowed to choose the appearance and gender of their "avatar." The players can do whatever in the game. Personally, if this was out in the stores, I would've begged Dad to get it- Well, I wouldn't have. If I asked, he would get it, as long as it isn't violent like Halo.

"Hey, Jessa, can you fix Elysia's shoes for me? They're really bugging me..." Cammie tapped me out of my thoughts.

"Sure." I scooted closer to the computer and worked on it. I nearly spent a whole half hour finishing the shoes.

"Danielle! Cameron! Breakfast's ready!" Mum's voice came from downstairs. Cammie and I dropped everything and raced each other down the stairs.

We skidded to a stop right outside the kitchen, panting.

"Oi! You can kill yourselves racin' down the stairs like that. And I'm not gonna take any blame in court." Mum waved her batter covered whisk in the air, scolding us. "Then your dad and I will try to get a boy next time."

"Sorry, Mum." I mumbled.

"What's for breakfast, Mrs. Turner?" Cammie chimed in.

"Nutmeg pancakes with slight cinnamon." Mum replied.

"Yum!" a grin was plastered onto Cammie's face.

I grabbed the jar of Nutella and bottle of syrup and set them on the kitchen table. "So, Mum, how's research?"

Cammie mumbled quietly as she put some pancakes on her plate, "I could swear your accent is disappearing..." Cammie did love my accent and we would watch Sherlock every day just so I can keep my Cockney accent.

"Well, I'm one step closer to creating that piece of machinery that'll catch the dark matter..." Mum said, not looking me in the eye.

"Mum..." I rolled my eyes.

"Alright, alright. I may have been procrastinating but I did get some work done on hyper giant stars."

"Like what?" Cammie asked. She loved anything that has to do with stars and explosions. She even wrote a whole ten-bloody flippin'- essay about hyper giant stars and hyper novas a couple months ago for science.

"I just discovered that Wolf Rayen stars are actually older hyper giant stars and hyper giant stars give off large quantities of gaseous plutonium." Mum took a sip from her black coffee.

"Plutonium? Isn't that radioactive? And how would inhabited planets be able to survive for more than one hundred years?" Cammie's eyes widened. Oh dear. Another hour long interview.

"That's a great question, Cameron. You see, the planet's atmosphere has an outer layer of gamma radiation that deflects the solar waves of plutonium. But a layer of argon keeps the gamma radiation at bay." Mum replied while flipping through the coupons that were laid out on the kitchen table.

"But wouldn't the gamma radiation affect the argon in any way? It's almost electrical." Cammie frowned.

"Ah, you see…" I quickly tuned out their conversation. I bet if Cammie was from Mum's generation, I would've thought that Cammie was Mum's long lost twin.

I quickly ate my pancakes, drowning them in Nutella and syrup. Mum claimed that I was crazy enough to do that but however, Cammie liked to eat pancakes my way.

"Hey, guys, I'm just gonna go out for some fresh air." I stood up from the table, carrying my dishes to the sink. Mum just waved me off, not really caring mostly because she loved talking to Cammie. I sighed as I quickly washed the dishes. I left them on the rack to dry.

"Bye, Mum, Cammie." I said before hurrying out. I shrugged on my jacket. I quickly glanced at the hidden door in the staircase. Dad was working again, although today was supposed to be his off day. He said it was something important.

I sighed before I headed out the door. I jogged down the block, not paying attention to my surroundings.

I kept on thinking about aliens and those masked people. Why do all of them call me Andromeda Key in my dreams? Excluding that mute alien of course. What am I, a reincarnation of Jesus? I snorted at the thought. Improbable. If I was a reincarnation of Jesus, I would definitely know. Not to mention Mum is not a virgin. What if I was part alien? That would be a flip. I'm not Spock nor do I have pointy ears. Maybe my grandfather was a vampire or a werewolf. That would explain that reflection I saw in the mirror…

I skidded to a stop. But what if I randomly turned into a werewolf at full moon or suddenly ripped apart Justin Bieber because I was bloodthirsty? What if suddenly turn into a fifteen year old overnight and get imprinted on by a werewolf that is over ten years older than me? Sure, I'm team Jacob but I do not want to be Renesmee. I'd rather be half R2-D2 than half sparkly vampire. Well, I'd jump at the chance to be one of the Volturi but never mind that.

I blinked several times. Where am I? I couldn't have ran all the way to the Shadow Moon forest beside the park. I lived nearly a whole bloody eight blocks away.

"Andromeda Key..." an ethereal voice hissed, echoing through the clearing I was in. My hair stood up as if it was static as a shiver ran down my spine. I gulped down my fear.

"Just to let whoever you are know, that is very cliche. Haven't you noticed that this is just about used in every horror movie?" I shouted into the clearing, forcing courage into my voice. There wasn't any answer. I could've sworn that the sky grew darker and the clearing began to look like something you would find in the Twilight Zone or Friday the 13th.

"Andromeda Key..." the voice hissed again.

Frustrated, I yelled, "Is that the only bloody word you know, Kayako Saeki!?"

Nice one. Just keep on making The Grudge references while you're at it. That'll totally save your butt. I thought to myself sarcastically. If I could just freeze every moment in my life and smack some words on it, this is definitely "facepalm" worthy.


"My masteeeerssss will be happy... Yeah, yeah, yeah! I get it! I heard that one before. You might as well go ahead and do that death rattle in the Grudge." I cut off the voice. Silence. I smirked in triumph. The smile was wiped from my face when I started hearing the actual death rattle. I saw something crawl out of the shadows. I squeaked, backing away into a tree. I stammered in a high pitched voice, "Y-you know, I-I w-was being s-sarcastic 'bout th-that..."

"Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh..." I gulped, squeezing my eyes shut. Were every one of these monster things psychic?! Not even Mum knew that I'm afraid of the Grudge. The death rattling had stopped. I took a deep breath and slowly opened my eyes. A very pale and bloody face stared at me with wide black orbs. It was only inches away from my face. Its head rolled on its neck. This alien did a great job in replicating the Grudge. Plus, I can even smell the stink of the rotting flesh. Before I can even scream like I normally would, I raised my outstretched right hand and my sweating palm met its cold cheek with a satisfying crack. The pale figure tumbled away to my left from the force and shock I gave it.

"How dare you?!" the figure hissed with rage, still in a heap several meters away. I stared at my hand, mouth agape. I just slapped the Grudge. After a moment, I realized that slapping a rotten vengeful ghost wasn't very sanitary. I wiped my hand on my jeans in disgust. I crossed my arms and stood my ground, staring at the heap of black tattered clothing and waist length hair.

"Oh, I very well dare. I'm not gonna no matter how many times I DIE IN MY DREAMS!" I didn't exactly expect to turn all high and screechy at the end of my bloody epic "speech." Oh well. I might as well wait until I become savior of the universe for speeches.

"Die, you vernon of a weasel!" the figure snarled. I stared horrified as it turned black and slit itself into ribbons. The black ribbons went flying at me. I should have ran. But I stood there, locked to the ground. Vernon of a weasel? This alien is really old fashioned...

"Holy bloody cra-" I screeched when the ribbons were only inches away from my face.

The ribbons burst into flames when a jet of fiery red energy hit all of them in one shot. An eery scream echoed through the clearing at the second of the impact. I covered my ears, wincing. The scream soon faded. When I removed my hands from my ears, my ears were still ringing. The sky returned to its normal sky blue and the clearing didn't look that gloomy anymore.

I slowly turned my head to the direction that the jet of energy came from. A pair of blood red eyes stared back at me. I stiffened. A man stood there, his arms crossed as if evaluating the situation. He wore a very old fashioned black V-neck tunic that showed off his pale muscular chest and black pants. He only wore gladiator like sandals which did not match the rest of his outfit. Not to mention he looked mismatched with his black leather gloves and black cloak. I stifled a gasp when I saw that his face was covered by a silver mask. His blood red eyes seemed to smirk at me. He put on his hood and stepped back into the shadow of the tree. He disappeared. What the hell was that about?! Shouldn't he have killed me already, since he was one of those masked people? Creepy.

I glanced around at the tree, determining how the hell I'm supposed to get home. I sighed and chose a random direction. I wandered aimlessly, thinking about aliens. Why did that alien masked dude save me? My brain began to hurt, so I decided to stop thinking about the incident and take in my surroundings. The forest was mystical and enchanting, I have to admit. The leaf dapples just added to the effect. I took a deep breath, enjoying the woodsy smell. Suddenly, in midstep, the world around me started spinning at impossible speeds. i let out a shriek when I started falling.

"OW! For the bloody love of- What the hell?" the greens and browns of the forest had turned into the uniform grays and reds of town when I unfortunately landed on my face. and on the concrete too. I stared stupidly at my surroundings, barely noticing a few people gaping at me like I just fell from the sky, some of them running away, screaming that aliens were real. I question their sanity. Well, I guess I must've fell from the sky, anyways, judging from the pain in my nose. I groaned as I stood up with the help of someone. before I could say thanks, the person that helped me up spoke.

"Dani?" I heard Dad's confused voice. I looked up to see Dad staring at me with wide eyes.

"Hi, Dad." I smiled meekly.

"Might I ask why you're covered in dirt and why you stink like a corpse?"

"Ah, long story. A VERY long story..."

"Dani, I specifically told you not to go to town." Dad spoke in a very stern but fearful voice.

"Trust me, I had absolutely no intention to go to town. I don't even know how I got here!"

Dad suddenly let out a string of curses under his breath. I could've sworn that I picked out "Wormhole" in his sentence. He paused and looked me in the eyes, danger in his eyes. "Dani, I need you to wear this watch and do be quiet."

"What? Why?" I frowned, slapping the watch on my wrist as if it was no big deal.

"Do as I say. Ask questions later." Dad ordered. I snapped my mouth shut, knowing to not question him when he uses that tone of voice. I glanced down at my watch, wondering why he needed me to wear this. "Follow me."

I did as he said. I followed him all the way to the bridge. I looked at him, a question in my eyes.

"Dani, I need you to stay here." Dad ordered, staring at a couple looking out onto the river below. I resisted letting out a sharp gasp at the sight of the couple. The couple appeared to have silver skin and their eyes were as black as space. Their hair were so brightly golden, I was blinded. Their canines protruded from their lips, dripping with a golden substance. I removed the watch and their image flickered to a normal human. Strangely, their essence was choking me, so I slapped the watch back on. I took a deep, relieved breath.

Dad whipped out two pairs of gold chain necklaces and a spray bottle filled with a shimmery blue substance. He swiftly ran at the couple, slinging the necklaces over their necks. The silver couple screamed an inhuman scream. I clapped my hands over my ears. If this continued, I would go deaf. I stared in shock when I saw that the passing people took no notice. What the hell.

"You! How dare you, child of the Lukaase, destroy our plans!?" the couple hissed in unison, black forked tongues flicking out from their blue lips.

"It's my job." Dad said coolly before spraying the blue solutions in their face. They screamed again, blue gas flying out of their mouths in a form of a gaseous snake. The couple's bodies fell to the ground, now looking normal. The bodies appeared to be alive, thank goodness.

"We will meet again, and your daughter, Andromeda key, won't be so lucky." the gas snake hissed before disappearing. Dad's lips drew back in a very wolfish snarl, glaring at the spot where the it-thing was.

I gaped at the scene before me before promptly blacking out.

Yep, Dad works with aliens.

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