I know something you don't know

I know about the man.

He's big and buff with deep set eyes and a mean mouth that's always turned down.

He drives a truck that say's Philmore Cleaning on the side with a big dent in the fender.

And he watches you

He follows you on your walks to and from school. He watches from a distance when you go to softball and cheerleading practice.

He always watches.

Once you accidently hired him to clean your house. He took pictures of your room and stole a snapshot of you on your sweet sixteen that he keeps in his dash board. When he's off duty, he stares at it.

He always watches.

One day, after watching your softball game, he went and bought a knife.

A big, hunting knife

He carries it around with your picture.

He is getting ready

I know because I watch him too

I watch him watching you

I watch because I was the one he watched before

He moved a lot faster when he wanted me. He pulled me into his car and tried to take me.

I screamed

I screamed and he stopped me. He wrapped his hands around my throat and squeezed

And squeezed

Until I couldn't breathe anymore

Until I wouldn't breathe anymore

He cried when he realized what he'd done. He cried and drove me to the lake and dumped me into the cool water. So now I watch him watching you.

Maybe you'll get away

Maybe he'll lose interest

But I doubt it

And when you don't show up to school, I'll know who has you.

And when they find your backpack on the sidewalk, I'll know who put it there

And when they find the drops of blood next to the backpack, I'll know who spilt it.

But I could be wrong

You might get lucky

You might get a ride to school that day or you might fight and get away. And you might go on and got to college to become a paralegal. Maybe you will marry Louis from trigonometry and have three or four kids in a house by the sea. Maybe you'll get your happily ever after.

But like I said, I doubt it

He will get you

He will win

But maybe he'll be sloppy.

Maybe he'll get caught this time and I can move on

But I doubt I you'll survive, my dear

And all of this is because I know something you don't know.

A friend pointed out that this story may be a little unclear. It is told from the viewpoint of the previous victim of this man as a warning to the girl he is stalking now. This story was spurned after I read an article about preventing predator attacks on women and I strongly urge you always take precaution because most of the time you won't know anyone is watching you.