Black Ice

It's snowing, the roads are almost completely iced over, and on top of that it's pitch black outside. But you're out of essentials; milk, bread, cigarettes. All the things you might need to live comfortably if the power goes out. You make it to the grocery store just fine, no trouble finding what you need either.

You load up the groceries in the trunk and get back in. You slowly drive down the old country roads leading back home. Then you hear something move in the back of the car. Just the groceries….but you put them in the trunk. Not only that you keep your car spotless at all times. Turning around to check it out you lose eye contact with the road. You hit a patch of black ice sending you out of control and careening into a ditch, flipping your car, and rendering you unconscious.

You were only out for a few minutes. You slowly crawl out of the shattered driver's side window and stand up. To your surprise you are perfectly fine. But then you notice the back door to your car is open. And to your horror there is a set of footprints leading…away from your car embedded in the snow. Accompanying them is a small trail of blood. Whoever it was is injured you think to yourself, breathing a sigh of relief. They will not be back to bother you. You reach in your pocket and pull out your phone to call the police.

But don't worry, I'll be quieter next time I promise. I wasn't just planning on scaring you to death.