Tell me what you must

Of him, and why

I shouldn't stay; tell me

Why I'd be a fool

To waste another day.

Tell me what you heard

That night, from all your

Closest friends; tell me

All that I should do, to

Bring this to an end.

And while you think

Well over this, pray tell,

Do you know? Can you tell me

How he smiles, what sets

His eyes aglow?

Can you tell me why

He laughs, or how

His skin feels hot?

And in the madness,

How he makes a

Bow from tangled


You say you know him

All too well, but how

Far back was that?

Do you know his

Problems now,

Between his mom

And dad?

Do you know the fear

He holds, that life may

Forever change? And

Do you know how hard

It was for him to

Stand today?

Tell me what you must

Of him, what others, too,

Tell you. Tell me, really, does it

Say more of him or you?

Tell me how he earned

His scars, and what he sees

In dreams. Tell me, tell me

One more time: But you know