No offence to those of you who like fishing. This is just Rebbecca's opinion.

Rebbecca sighed. More fishing. Why had she even agreed to come on this holiday? It was all fishing, fishing and more fishing. She wanted to get back to the computer at the batch. Fishing was so boring! Her only hope of excitement was the possibility of seeing the Loch Ness Monster. She was certain that was what she had seen. she couldn't think of any other explanation. The small fishing boat rocked gently as the waves lapped against it. Rebbecca glanced at her fishing rod, lying on the deck, but decided to leave it there.

Rebbecca hated fishing. She couldn't stand all the waiting around. She mentally kicked herself for leaving her phone at home. A whole three weeks without it? It had only been two days and she was already missing it. The gentle rocking of the boat slowly lured her to sleep, slumped over the rail, half in, half out of the boat.

Rebbecca and her father were both fast asleep when the first storm clouds rolled in, guided by the raging wind. The wind stormed around, whipping the waves up into a fury. The fishing boat was tossed from side to side and

Rebbecca's father snapped awake. Lightning dashed across the sky as he stumbled to his feet. He glanced at his watch. They had been at sea for at least five hours, much longer than he had planned. The deck lurched unexpectedly under his feet, and he stumbled. Rain lashing his face, he raced to the cabin. When he slammed a hand on the controls the instruments flared to life. He managed to get the boat under control, slowly sailing towards land.

When he had them on a straight course, he looked back at the deck, looking to see if his daughter was alright. She was nowhere to be seen.

Rebbecca jerked awake as she tumbled head first into the water. The icy water chilled her to the bone as she sank slowly. She clawed at the water, trying to swim to the surface, but her clothes dragged her down. Her feet paddled helplessly in the water, her lungs bursting for air. She kicked her shoes off and wriggled out of her jacket. As her rejected clothes floated down slowly, she swam up, bursting out of the water. She gasped for air, but the wind stole it from her and the waves slapped her face. She tried again, managing to get oxygen before she was dragged back underwater. When she re-emerged, she found that her father's boat was far away, making for the nearest land.

She heard a voice, carried on the wind to her ears. "Rebbecca!" her father yelled. She stifled a sob, tears washed away by the crashing waves. He couldn't see her, and when she cried out, the wind stole her voice, snatching it from her mouth and taking it far across the loch.

Rebbecca paddled helplessly, struggling to stay afloat. The waves tossed her around, playing with her, before shoving her down like a discarded toy. Rebbecca lacked the strength to swim to the surface, and she sank down slowly. She knew she was going to die, and yet she felt strangely calm about it. Blackness clouded her vision as the oxygen left her lungs and she slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

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