Forgive me, scarlet lover

Fever pitched high into the clouds

Swirling down,



Until the words have drowned.

A euphoric sound,

As the waves swallow you whole

Your entire being becoming one with the foam.

Splitting apart like the rafts in the waters,

You've become nothing, my scarlet lover.

Your cheeks burn red as you sink beneath the sea,

Hands reaching up towards nothing.

Your silent screams mean nothing,

Not after what's happened.

No, you have not been forgotten,

Merely abandoned, my scarlet pet.

This is not the way it should have been

But perhaps, this time,

It was the only way to show you.

Show you how it felt to be ignored



Do you understand now, cheri?

Do you understand how it feels to make one's heart bleed?



You'll find out at your own destruction,

At the bottom of the sea.