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The dream ended and Diana sat up in her bed. She held herself and was about to get up when her door opened.

"Diana! The elderly woman at the book store called, she said she wanted to have a word with you at her shop." Her mother stated, and shut the door.

Diana sniffed and got up from her bed. She figured she should go to the book store and see what the woman wants. Has to be important or she wouldn't have called. She's seen the woman once or twice before. Never really got to know her.

When Diana stepped inside the store she was welcomed with the smells of old books. She loved that smell; it always brought her to peace. She moved towards the counter and noticed the elderly woman wasn't there. She waited a few minutes before she heard the shuffling of feet. Through the door leading to the back, a small, dark skinned woman stepped out. Her graying hair sat at the top of her head. Wrinkles surrounded her lips and under her eyes.

"Step around and come into the back," the woman said, she turned on her heel and walked back into the darkened room.

Diana walked around the counter and walked through the door. The room was dark; the only source of light was a few non scented candles. A small, round table sat in the middle of the room. Small shelves filled with little trinkets covered the walls. Boxes stacked upon each other sat against the walls. Books littered the room.

The elderly woman sat down at the table. A single book lay before her. The woman's eyes stared at her.

"Sit." A simple command from the woman.

Diana sat on the opposite side from the woman. She squinted to see better, but the pages on the book were dark. The candles suddenly lit causing Diana to jump in her seat.

"I know," the woman said.

"You know what?" Diana asked confused.

"I know about the abomination that grows inside of you, child," she said bluntly, "I never did give you my name, did I? I am Lucia, I've been around for a while, and I know the secrets of this town. I know what you read, and I know who follows you."

Diana was shocked; she was shocked at the blunt statement from Lucia. Something was off; she was comforted with her knowing the truth. Someone believed her or at least knows that she isn't crazy.

"You really believe me?" Diana asked, stunned.

Lucia nodded and looked down at her book. She touched the pages, whenever the fingers moved; the words seem to give off a soft glow.

Lucia broke the silence, "did you know the book was cursed?"

"No," Diana shook her head, "I figured it was just a book."

Lucia smiled just a bit, then it vanished, she opened her mouth to speak, "Sadly, it isn't. I'm positive you know what has happened now that you read from it."

Diana looked away, then down to her stomach. It had grown since the last time she saw it. It was slowly getting bigger and bigger.

"Is he here now? Watching us?" Diana asked, she continued to look down.

"No, something is keeping him at bay."

"I see, and then we are free to talk without him interfering?" Diana looked up at the woman, just a small hope in her eyes, "It seems every time I start to talk about this, something happens."

"He can not hear us, child," she turned a page in her book, "Powerful magic is at work right now. I'm afraid I can not keep it up for much longer."

Diana didn't speak and Lucia took this as a time to speak.

"The book you read, it was hidden for a reason, and you see why. He is going to come soon, he's going to claim the child and you will possibly die from the birth. I was hoping that there could be a way to save you, but every time I drew near, the pages would burst into flames. His doing, I presume."

Lucia looked Diana over once again then continued, "I guess I will tell you the town's history. It all started back in the 1800s when the library was built. Many women were considered witches by the town elders. Some were witches and some were not witches. But that really has nothing to do with this. The book you read was brought to us for our library. We thought nothing of it, but then an elder witch knew the ancient writing and had the book locked away. You see, this was the words of the devil. Anyone who reads is bound to summon him-"

The candles flickered causing one of the flames to go out. Lucia stopped talking. Her lips pursed and she narrowed her eyes.

"We can not talk more about this. He is breaking through the barriers Leave, child."

A few months have passed since the conversation with Lucia. Diana's belly grew to be the size of a basketball; her last term was coming up quick.

Diana had lain on her bed, she knew it was soon. She could feel it in her bones. The pain was already setting in. Her eyes closed, a nap is what she needed.

Diana woke, pain filling her body, she felt like she was on fire. Her lower region sent shivers of pain. Her scream shook the entire house. The door to her room slammed open, both parents filed into the room. The Grey's had a look of horror as they noticed their daughter. She was screaming and thrashing on the bed, her hair covering the pillows.

"It hurts!" Diana screamed; her body shook with tremors of pain. She let out numerous screams, thrashing her head to the sides. She saw darkness creeping up the walls, crawling over the furniture of the room. It slid over her bead, surrounding her curled toes. She screamed more, the darkness was taking over, letting her know he was around, watching and waiting.

The entire house shook, a blinding light filled the room, Diana's screams stopped. The Grey's shielded their eyes, letting the light dim down. They looked towards the bed and noticed their daughter gone. Under the covers were two small bodies; Mr. Grey walked up to the bed and lifted the blanket. What he saw made his eyes tear up and a frown set upon his face.

Two twin boys lay upon the spot where Diana had laid. Nothing was left of their daughter; she was just gone. Silence filled the room and the boys opened their eyes and let out a wail.

Diana awoke; she felt like she was floating, her body was no longer in pain. She felt nothing, no pain, no worry just nothing. For once she smiled and she knew she was home, but soon, she would have to go back. Go back and stopped the ones she just allowed to live.

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