I love it when you smile

And I hate it when you cry

And I never have to hide from you

So I don't even try

Sometimes I want to hug you

Hold you closer than normally

Once or twice I wanted to kiss you

But I don't usually

You like to make me laugh

And hate my negativity

You always let me in

And forgive my lack of sensitivity

You taught me who I want to be

I learned I want to be good

I also know I want be good with you

You taught me to want the things I should

I'm not perfect yet

But you make me want to be

You guide me through the fog

You even said you love me

You meant it as a friend

And I did too

Cuz just because I could be

Doesn't mean I'm in love with you

I hope I'm not

That's not really fair

But I think it's not real

I just need some fresh air

But you're always so close

I can't tell what real and what's really not

I hate you for that sometimes

When hate is all I've got

But my clarity is coming back

It's like air when you're suffocating

I'm not in love with you

And my heart isn't breaking