The Lie and the Truth

Two figures were lying in the plain beyond worlds. One was young and bright, feminine and beautiful. She could only be described as light and laughter caught in a sun catcher as the rays filtered through it. The other was dark and ominous, barely approachable. He sat as if the entire world weighed upon his shoulders. Hooded, his shoulders sank and his head hung low. Alone, these two sat.

Caught on the wind, delicate jade birds sailed to them. They flowed upon the wind with ease given to them as the highest gift from the Creator. They came and surrounded the bright being known as Life. None dared go near the other creature. Death. Out of compatible silence, Life asked Death a question.

"Death," he did not turn to face her. Her voice was quiet but sparkling, like a snowflake falling softly on the ground. She continued, "Why do people love me, but hate you?" In her hands was one the jade birds; its coat was stained with a life giving red. She tried to comfort him in his last minutes. As she held the bird in her delicate hands, she could feel its soul leaving its tiny body. The bird looked up at the other, flying away and leaving him to his misery. At this, the bird slowly sank to the ground; his heart now silent. All the while death had be watching and contemplating his answer.

He rose and held the feathered creature in his hand. He relied, "Because you are a beautiful lie, and I am a painful truth."

He looked at his companion. The look on her face said what she could not say. She thought back to the bird. She had tried to comfort it, keep it happy as his life force was being drained away. She knew he wasn't going to last much longer. She had given him a false hope. She looked back to Death, her oldest friend. He did hurt, he was ruff around the edges, but this did not make him evil or bad. He was just true. And she wanted to be true. But his words still ran fresh in her mind. "I am a lie?" A tear rolled down her face.

Her voice sounded like it was about to break, like fine crystal shattering on the ground. "It hurt him to see his best friends so in pain. She was Life, she was light. And he had just burned her. He had to tell the truth, it was his gift and his curse. Everyone truly feared and hated him for it. "But there is not one of us with out the other." His deep voice, whispered. "Neither of us are purely good or evil, we are just balance. It is something difficult for others to understand. But without you, Life, I would have no need to exist." His hand gently whipped her tear from her cheek. She looked into the black eyes of death. She saw his pain. A paradox, she wanted to be true and he wanted to be beautiful. And this is how the friendship of Life and Death is and always will be.