I swore I wouldn't tell you

I knew it would hurt so much

But I lost my defiance

Just for your loving touch

Now I feel like I'm dying

I can't keep myself from crying

I let you in and you walked away

I would have begged for you to stay

Everything is wrong

And no ones left to help me

You don't care anymore

And so you can't see

That I'm falling apart

You've shattered my only heart

I can't talk to you

My pain shouldn't be something you go through

I'm angry at you for my pain

Because I can't share it with you

I know that's how it should be

You don't have to suffer too

But what's the point in us

If I can't ever talk to you

It's not your responsibility

But what am I supposed to do

I want to give up on this

But that's anger in my heart

I want to push you away

I want to tear us apart

You we're special to me

Truly one of a kind

But now I'm always sad

And it's like you're blind