Just A Glance
I looked out into the crowd.
And there she was…
We shared a smile.

A bell cried out in the room. Finally. The day was over. Monica always had bittersweet feelings about this time of day. She was happy to leave the set and get home, but she was sad to leave her friends and coworkers for the day. Honestly, her job was fun.

"There's my star!" Said a voice as Monica walked to her dressing room.

"Hey, Carl." She said, looking up at him.

"I just wanted to remind you, tomorrow's the big day where you finally kiss Tyler!"

"I know," She put on a fake smile.

How could she forget? He talked about it all day. Was he going to go on about it again? As he spoke about the scene she walked into her room.


"It's okay, Carl," she cut him off, "I'm still listening. I just really want to get out of these clothes."

Off he went again about how he wanted it to be. As she got undressed, she hoped he didn't think they were all that dense to forget. Then again, they have been building up to this kiss since the beginning of season three. After putting on her ripped jeans and faded t-shirt she felt like Monica Spenser again. She opened the door and walked over the edge of the set.

"Bye, guys!" She yelled.

There a bunch of 'goodbyes' muttered. Then Kendall came over.

"Monica, you need a ride home or anything?"

"No thanks. I'll walk."

"You sure?" He ran his hand through his thick blonde hair.

"Yeah. I like to walk."

Before he could say anything else, she walked out the door. She left the studio, and walked onto the busy sidewalk. Some people stopped, looked at her, whispered and fidgeted, then came over to her. Being the nice actress she was, Monica stopped and talked to the fans of her show. They always asked if her character, Brandee was going to get with Kendall's character Tyler. It bored her. They never stopped to say anything else to her other than their favorite episode or "Branler" moment, or whatever they called it.

Trying not to look bored, she rolled her eyes to look around at her surroundings. Then she saw her. A young girl about her age, holding a map was looking around with a confused look. The girl's eyes locked right onto hers. Something about this girl sent Monica an instant connection. Her pink lips formed into a smile, and she couldn't help but smile back at the girl. In an instant, she walked away down a corner. Without a second thought Monica walked across the street. She needed to befriend this girl. It wouldn't be too hard to find her. Neon green and black tiger striped skinny jeans weren't on every girl.

There she was by a street sign. This was her chance. Butterflies went crazy inside Monica's stomach. Generally, she didn't introduce herself to people. It was the other way around.

"Hi," she said more shyly than she had wanted it to sound.

"Oh," said the girl surprised, "Hello."

"You," she paused, thinking of what to say, "look lost." How dorky.

She giggled, "Is it that bad?"

"What? No! It's fine." Oh great. Now she must have seemed really dumb.

There was silence, then the girl said, "Do you know how to get to Willow apartments?"

"Yes. You just keep going straight then make a left and just stay straight and it'll be the huge building on your right."

"Thanks," she said smiling and folding up the map, "I'm Evangelene, by the way."

"I'm Monica."

She giggled again, "I know who you are. My younger sister watches that show you're in…Schooled, right?"

Feeling herself blush, she slightly smiled, "Yeah."

"So," Evangelene started, then looked around, silence falling around them again, "I'll see you later, I guess."

"Tomorrow!" Monica blurted out, "Lets meet here tomorrow," she said with more calm in her voice.

"Okay. See you tomorrow then."

She walked away, her wavy blonde hair floating in the wind. A friend. Someone to talk to who wouldn't go on and on about the show. Her nerves settled as Evangelene disappeared down the street. Who knew making friends was so hard? Famous or not. And she didn't seem nervous at all. She'd have to ask her about that…tomorrow. The summer looked brighter already.

A/N: I feel like this was kind of a boring first chapter, but I promise it will get better. Just show some patience. Please ^_^