Chapter I An Invitation

Samantha Stanford is a photo-journalist who doesn't like to be stressed all the time. She likes hanging out with her friends and co-workers though she has a lot of works to do. In short, she's a happy-go-lucky. But even though she's that type of a girl, she can finish her work on time with high quality. You can never see her sad. That's Samantha Stanford.

"So you wanna come with me?" Sam's best friend Leigh asked her.

Leigh Ravens has been her best friend since college. They hang out together for they have a lot in common. She's always there when Sam needs her. She's her office mate but they have different job.

"Who's in?" Sam asked.

"Of course me..." Leigh grinned first as she looked at her best friend.

Sam rolled her eyes. She knew what it means. "And your boyfriend of course."

"Yeah. So you have to come whether you like it or not." Leigh said. "Now, let's go pack your things."

"Okay. I guess I don't have a choice anymore." Sam smirked.

"Yeah. Great."

"What a load of stuffs." Leigh demanded as she helped Sam packed her things. They were doing it for almost two hours and now they are done. Leigh felt exhausted because she was the one who did the most of the packing.

They sat on the couch as both of then breathed heavily.

"I hate you." Leigh muttered.

"I love you too." Sam grinned. That's her way of teasing and thanking her best friend.

"Whatever." Leigh rolled her eyes.

Suddenly the door burst open and a guy with a black hair and brown eyes popped in front of them. It's Andrew Daniels, Leigh's boyfriend. He's holding a big box of pizza.

"Dinner is ready." Andrew smiled and kissed the forehead of his girlfriend.

"You call that dinner? Seriously?" Leigh exclaimed.

"Well. Sometimes pizza is my dinner." Andrew replied. "Why? Do you want something else aside from this? I can get it if you want."

Leigh rolled her eyes. She's really tried from packing Sam's things. "Never mind."

Andrew rubbed his neck and Sam chuckled. "I'll just re-heat some food from my fridge. It will suit us three." Sam stood up and went to the kitchen.

"Thanks to you." Leigh said.

"Not a problem." Sam smiled.

"Where are we going again?" Sam asked as she bite her slice of pizza.

"Harrisonburg." Leigh replied.

"Who are we visiting?" Andrew asked.

"My grandmother and my cousin Anthony."

"Harrisonburg. Hmmm..." Sam muttered. She chewed her last piece as she raised an eyebrow.

"What? You're planning on backing out, aren't you?" Leigh said.

"I didn't say that."

"Good." Leigh smirked. "By the way, we have to go now. I have to secure my things and all."


"We will fetch you tomorrow at eight am, is that okay?" - Leigh.

"No problem." Sam smiled as her best friend kissed her on the cheeks.

"Bye Sam." Andrew said.

"Bye Andrew. You two take care, okay?"


And Sam was left in her apartment.

Grandma Amy is crocheting. This is her favorite hobby when she has no one to talk to or nothing to do. She's all alone in their house when the door burst open and a tall, blue eyed with fair skin and clean cut hair who looks he's in his late twenties appeared in the doorway.

"Grandma." the guy muttered. White teeth flashed in Grandma Amy's eyes when she looked up.

"There you are. What took you so long?" Grandma Amy put down whatever she's holding and went to her grandson.

"Well I uh... I had a load of work in the farm." Anthony Ravens kissed his grandmother on the forehead.

Anthony Ravens is living with his grandmother since he was 14. His parents died when a bomb exploded in the store his parents were in. They didn't survive. Since Grandma Amy was all alone in the house, she decided to take Anthony with him. The poor child didn't speak for a month when his parents died. He just couldn't seem to accept it all.

"Well I have something to tell you."


"Do you remember your cousin Leigh Ravens?

Anthony went to the counter, poured water on the glass and drank it. "Well, yeah. What about her? How's she?"

"Well, she's coming tomorrow. With her friends." Grandma Amy happily declared.

"Really? So you're getting yourself a visitor tomorrow?"

"Not just me. You, too. You silly grandson of mine."

Anthony chuckled. "Oh yeah. So how long will she stay here?"

"She said a month. She and some of her friends. Oh, it would be lovely to have visitors here."

Anthony nodded and smiled. "So, should I prepare the rooms now?"

"Oh please do. But you must eat first and I'll help you clean the room later."

"Sure Granny."

"What? A month?!" Sam burst out and almost got up from her seat when she heard what just her friend told her.

It's already nine in the morning and they're now heading to Harrisonburg. Andrew is the one driving the car with Leigh sitting beside him and Sam in the backseat.

"Yeah. Didn't I tell you that?" Leigh asked, grinning at her best friend.

"Of course, you didn't! And you did it on purpose." Sam yelled and threw a small pillow at her friend.

Leigh laughed and held the pillow. "Well, yeah I did. So there's no turning back now Ms. Happy-Go-Lucky."

"Oh you used that title of mine so you can drag me in your town for a month." Sam yelled again.

"Come on. You'll love it there. I'm sure of it. And you'll love my grandma." Leigh assured.

"You still lied to me!" another pillow was thrown to Leigh.

"Girls, can you just please keep your mouth shut? I can't focus on driving." Andrew cut in.

"Sorry babe." Leigh said and smiled at her boyfriend as she stirred and sat properly again.

Sam rolled her eyes. She can't do anything now. Well, she likes to go there too but not to stay there for a month. But what can she do now? Nothing. Well, she thinks all she has to do is just go with the flow.

"Harrisonburg..." Sam silently muttered as she leaned her head on the car window and stared outside.

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