Chapter V Sometimes Nice

It's early in the morning and Sam is already awake. She's having a coffee while looking at her entries in her journal. Her boss texted her and wants her do a project during her stay in Harrisonburg.

A moment after, Leigh came downstairs and joined her. "Hey, good morning." Leigh greeted.

"Good morning." Sam smiled.


"Not really. I was just looking at my previous entries. But…my boss texted me."


"He wanted me to do a project during my stay here in Harrisonburg." Sam said.

"What? Is he serious?"

"Yeah, want me to read to you his text?"

"Ugh! I'm gonna kill him when we get back to work." Leigh muttered.

Sam chuckled. "You know it's okay. At least I have something to do, right?"

"Doesn't he even know the meaning of the word vacation?"

"I told you it's okay." Sam smiled. "But there will be a problem."

"What is it?"

"I don't know what I will feature in my column this time." Sam said.

"Hmm… let me see. Why don't you try this place?"

Sam frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Just leave it to me." Leigh winked.

"What?" Sam burst out.

"Don't you like my idea?" Leigh asked.

"Who would want to work with your cousin, huh? And hey girl, it's me you're asking. What do you think would be my answer?" Sam is starting to freak out. Good thing, the people in the house aren't around.

"Uhmm, yes?"

Sam rolled her eyes. "Seriously Sam, we need his help."

"No we don't."

"Tell me, what will you feature in your column this time?"

"I can think of a better idea." Sam answered.

"Sam, there are no famous people here. Unless you'll feature the farm." Leigh said.

Sam stopped for a while, Leigh got her thinking. "The farm? Yeah, why not? Why not try to be eco friendly this time?"

Sam is having fun taking pictures of all the things she sees around. This will be her first time to cover the environment and everything is going pretty well though it's only Anthony who's with her.

"This is really good." Sam muttered as she began to scan the pictures she captured in her digital camera.

"Does your boss know you're in a vacation?" Anthony asked.

"Yeah." Sam replied and continued to scan the pictures. "This place is awesome."

"Yeah pretty awesome." Anthony seconded and looked around.

Sam shut off the camera then looked at Anthony. "Hey, can I ask you a favor?"

"What is it?"

"Can we not fight? Just for this day?" the redhead looked intently at Anthony but the blonde looked away from her.

"Okay." Anthony nodded.

Sam smiled but Anthony didn't see it. "Great." Sam said.

Sam started to walk again, looking at all the things in the farm but this time, she's not taking pictures. She's just admiring the beautiful view in front her with her own eyes.

"How many people are leaving here?" Sam asked.

"You mean in this town?"

"Yes. How many are you here?"

"I guess it's less than five hundred people." Anthony answered.

"So few." Sam commented.

The redhead stopped walking and looked at the clouds above. "It's so really nice in here." Sam continued to look up while Anthony who's at her back, smiled slightly at her.

"Yeah so pretty." Anthony said while looking at her.

"Hey, is there a beautiful place that I'm not yet seeing?" Sam immediately turned to Anthony. Anthony's smile vanished in an instant.


"There is, right?" the redhead's eyes grew bigger.

"Well yeah, but it's kinda private." Anthony answered.

"Why? Someone owned it?"

"It's not like that actually."

There was a moment of silence between the two. Sam is staring at Anthony and so is Anthony to her.

"Okay, I get it. It's your place, right?" Sam said.


"It's okay. No need to worry." Sam smiled and started to walk. "Maybe there's still a place here that I didn't see." Then in just a flick of second, Sam felt a hand against hers.

Anthony held Sam's hand as he started to walk. Sam was shocked all she could do is looked at Anthony.

"W-where are we going?" Sam asked.

"Just keep walking." Anthony said.

Sam looked at their joined hands then to Anthony. She felt her stomach flutter and this is the second time that it happened. And she doesn't know why. It's just; Anthony has a great effect on her. Oh god, is she starting to like him? But no. They're not even friends, right?

Anthony looked at Sam and frowned. "What? Something wrong?"

"N-nothing." Sam's cheeks turned red and looked away from Anthony. Anthony looked at his way again and secretly smiled. They continued to walk.

She can see everything down below. She can even feel the clouds against her skin. Well, metaphorically. But they are so high she thinks she can touch the sky. Anthony brought Sam at the cliff.

Sam smiled as she sees the view below. It's really amazing. "Wow, this is…amazing. Magnificent." Sam commented. She was really dazzled by the view she's seeing.

"I'm glad you like here." Anthony said.

"Who would never like this place? This is pretty amazing." Sam answered. She took off her camera and started taking pictures. Sam moved a little closer nearing the edge of the cliff.

"Hey, hey be careful." Anthony and grabbed her by the hand. Sam has no balance that she fell on Anthony's arms. Good thing, they didn't hit the ground.

Sam's cheeks reddened again. She immediately backed away from Anthony.

Sam and Anthony are sitting on the ground side by side, watching the view before them.

"So this is your secret place, huh." Sam said.

"How come you said that this is my secret place?" Anthony asked.

"I just guessed." Sam shrugged. "Why? Isn't this your secret place?"

"Well, you're quite right but it's not like that."

"Then what?"

"Well, anyone can go here except that it's only me who found this place."

Sam rolled her eyes and patted Anthony on his shoulder lightly. "It's just the same Anthony Ravens."

"No, it's not."

"Oh yes it is." Sam snapped.

Anthony chuckled and shook his head.

"Hey!" Sam pointed at Anthony and smiled.


"You smiled. You laughed." Sam answered, narrowing her eyes. It looked like a great achievement for the redhead.

"Why? Is there something wrong with me laughing?" Anthony frowned.

"Of course there's nothing wrong. But hey, this is the first time I've seen you laugh." Sam said.

"Oh. Is that it?" then Anthony became serious again.

"Now, you're being serious again." Sam crossed her arms against her chest. "Why can't you try not to be so serious sometimes?"

"I guess it's not my forte." Anthony shrugged and looked down below again.

"Whatever Anthony Ravens."

"Why do you keep on saying my whole name?" Anthony asked.

"I just like it." Sam smiled and looked at her right side then to Anthony again. "So, Anthony Ravens, how many girls did you bring here in your secret place?" Sam nudged Anthony.

"No one. You're the first." Anthony simply replied.

Sam doesn't know why but those words of Anthony struck her a lot. She felt her heart skipped a beat. She tried to say something but she couldn't utter a word.

"Come on. Let's go." Anthony held Sam's hand again.

"Where are we going?" Sam asked.

"We're going home now. It's getting late."

And both of them walked hand in hand.

It's already ten o'clock in the evening and Sam is still awake. She's looking at all the pictures she captured earlier at her laptop. She's browsing all the pictures quickly until her eyes caught something. It's the picture of Anthony Ravens. It was a stolen one and she captured accidentally. She was taking pictures of the herds but Anthony came in the line.

Sam stopped browsing and studied at his picture. He's absolutely handsome. She cannot really deny that fact. And wait, he has those cold blue eyes that are so full of expressions once he looks at you. His fair skin and perfect white teeth. He looks like an angel came down to earth.

Sam stared at his picture for another moment when she felt someone is watching her. She felt cold because she thought it's Anthony but when she turned to look, she was relieved when she learned that it's only her best friend Leigh.

"Hi." Leigh grinned.

"What the hell? You scared the hell out of me." Sam said.

"Why? Because you think that I was Anthony looking at you?" Leigh teased.

"Of course not. I thought you were some kind of a creepy creature."

"Wow thank you for that compliment." Leigh rolled her eyes. "So, you're looking at Anthony's photo, huh?" Leigh leaned in closer to the screen but Sam shut it immediately.

"I was just browsing the pictures." Sam answered.

"And why do you have a picture of him?" Leigh teasingly asked.

"I just captured it accidentally. I didn't know that I have a picture of him." Sam explained.

"Is that so?" Leigh smirked.

"What is that smile supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. I was just asking." Leigh sat beside Sam and smiled at her. A meaningful smile. "So, how's your day with Anthony?"


"Did you two fight?"

"No. We got along just fine."

"Where did he take you?"

"To the cliff. You know what? You'll love it there. The place is so amazing that you can't imagine that there's such a place like that exists." Sam answered. She's really amused with the place.

"I'm glad you had fun."

"Well, I'm glad that Anthony and I didn't fight."

"He told you, he could be nice to you."

"Well, I admit. Sometimes he could be nice and a gentleman, too." Sam smiled and they both laugh.

The two stopped laughing when they felt someone's presence from their backs. They turned to look and saw Anthony.

"Uh…did I interrupt something?" Anthony shifted his eyes to his cousin then to Sam.

"No. We were just having fun." Sam replied, still smiling.

"Oh. Great." Anthony walked to the kitchen.

"Do you think he caught us?" Leigh asked when Anthony left them.

"I guess not." Sam said. "Well, I hope not."

Sam opened her laptop again and started to browse once more. A moment after, Anthony came back with a glass of water.

"So you're starting to work now, huh?" Anthony commented as he leaned on the wall.

"I was just browsing the pictures."

"Oh, can I see them?"

Leigh and Sam looked at each other. They have one thing in mind. His picture.

"Well, I uhh…" Sam began. "S-sure."

"Great." Anthony exclaimed. He went to Sam's right side and sat down.

"I'll leave you two now. Goodnight to the both of you." Leigh said and left without waiting for their response.

Sam is beginning to feel numb and cold as Anthony gets closer to his picture. Of course she doesn't want him to find out about it.

Then there it is. One more click and it's Anthony's picture. Sam's heart beats louder more than ever. It's like her heart wanted to get out of her chest. But to her surprise, Anthony stopped.

"What's your job again?" Anthony asked.

Sam stared at him, surprised. "Ah…well…" she sighed heavily as she looked at Anthony.

"Are you okay?" Anthony frowned.

"Y-yeah I-I'm fine." Sam shyly replied.

The laptop turned off automatically because it's already dead batt.

"Oh I guess I need to charge my laptop now." Sam said and took it.

"Just do it tomorrow. It's already late. Just take a rest for now." Anthony softly said.

"Yeah. I'll do that." Sam stood up. "Goodnight Anthony Ravens." Sam managed to smile though he feet are trembling.

"Well, goodnight Samantha Stanford." Anthony smiled widely. It's a genuine one.

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