Okay, this is just introducing the characters...

Main character: Jeannie

Jeannie is 4"11 and skinny. She's white and has long black hair that is straight. She's actually quite pretty in a stranger's eyes, but no one else at her school thinks so.

She usually does things by herself. Cooking, cleaning, homework. She makes her own lunch for school since she needs to save her money for more important things. She is very smart and learned to be very independent. There is only three people in this world who appreciates Jeannie for who she is, her childhood friend, Cass and Cass' parents.

Jeannie's parents were divorced at the same time when her older brother died, which was in 2nd grade.


Cass is 5" and not too fat or not too skinny. Her skin is more to the tan side from fair. She has layered black hair and bangs that sway to the side. She usually wears long/big sleeved shirts and long pants. In the story, she wears a plain black t-shirt over a light yellow long sleeve shirt. She wears light brown cargo pants and black Vans.