Side Story 1 – Trapped in the Elevator

Mittenz and Shadow had a long day so they both ended up falling asleep at his house. As the night left and the day came, neither of the two were woken up. Mittenz, of course, every few minutes would say something random in her sleep that had absolutely nothing to do with what she was dreaming. Shadow's mother sent Yuki to go wake them up so they could catch the bus, but they wouldn't get up, so Yuki left alone

A few hours later the two woke up. Feeling only slightly awkward by the fact that they were sleeping in the same bed, they leapt off of it. "Shadow?" Mittenz said concerned. "You have clothes on too right?" Shadow nodded. "Okay good." She breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay, so I guess we should probably get to school now that we're up." She suggested. Shadow nodded. "Let's see what time does school start?" He put on his watch. "Um… I think 8, why?" He looked at the time. "Oh, yeah so school starts in… three hours ago." Mittenz got very wide eyes. "What?!" She shouted checking her phone for the time. "Oh no, this is not good. My parents are going to kill me!"

After a few minutes of Mittenz having a breakdown, Shadow went downstairs and got her something to eat. "What's this for?" She asked confused. He shrugged. "I thought you needed something to help you calm down. I would have gotten a paper bag, but that crap never works." She smiled and thanked him. As she was eating Shadow went to figure out what class they would have at that time. When he got back Mittenz had calmed down a bit. Her stress from her being late caused her neko ears and tail to show though. After a few minutes they recieded the two walked to the school.

Once they were there they were told that they were wanted in the principal's office for multiple violations of the school's strict "no fighting" policy. They decided to take the elevator to the office. They figured if they were in trouble, what's the harm in taking a bit longer. "So, today's off to a great start." Shadow said sarcastically. "Right?" Mittenz sighed. "Maybe he'll let us off easy. I mean we've never been in a fight just for the sake of fighting right?" She stated. As she was saying this, the elevator began shaking and eventually came to a stop. Shadow and Mittenz looked at each other. "We're stuck."

They sat down in the elevator and thought for a few minutes. Suddenly Mittenz started laughing. "I just noticed that this is the longest we've ever gone being silent." Shadow chuckled. "Only if you don't count the first year or two we met." She giggled. "I can't believe we've literally known each other our whole lives. Not many people can really say that." Shadow nodded. "We aren't most people though. Far from it." Mittenz nodded. "I wonder if we should call for help." She suggested. "Maybe, I don't know how that would work though. Our phones have no service in here." She nodded in agreement.

As time passed, the two teens started talking more and more. Eventually they started playing games. "Okay Shadow, would you rather be in class or stuck in an elevator with me for eternity?" She asked him. He laughed. "Really now? You don't know. I'd rather be stuck in here with you. You're my best friend and class is… well it's class." She smiled. "Well that's good then, because we're probably never getting out of here." Shadow shrugged. "It could be worse. We could end up being the only living beings in existence by the time we get out." He said jokingly. At this time Shadow had noticed that he had neglected to actually eat anything himself this morning. Mittenz of course was already hungry again.

They sat in the elevator with their back to the ground and their legs up on the walls. "I'm so hungry…" complained Shadow. She answered back a few seconds later. "Me too… why didn't we bring our stuff?.." Shadow reached into his pocket. "I only have money in there, crap. Why am I not prepared for being trapped in an elevator." Mittenz sighed. "It's kind of like when you're asked 'If you were stranded on a deserted island what would you like to take with you?" she paused. "Well now I know I would bring food." Shadow laughed a bit.

After a few more minutes passed Mittenz finally started to have a panic attack. "Shadow, what if we really don't ever get out of here?" she asked. "What if we're trapped forever and they never get us out of here?" Shadow sat up. "Mittenz, calm down. What you're saying is-" She cut him off, grabbing onto his collar. "But what if I'm right?" She said with her eyes widening out of stress. A few seconds after she asked that there was a bell-like sound. The sound was followed by the doors of the elevator opened.

"Uh, what are you two doing?" Asked Kouki curiously. "Uh, we were just uh…" Mittenz had to stop to think for a moment realizing the awkward position they were in. "We were cleaning something off our shirts. It gets dusty in these things." He said, referring to the elevator. She smiled. "Well I hope you two had fun in there, because the principal himself asked me to find you, so let's go." Shadow and Mittenz both looked and Kouki and then at each other and nodded. "Oh no look at my wrist Shadow." Mittenz said with concern as Shadow looked at her bare wrist. "Oh my, look at that, we have to go." Shadow and Mittenz proceeded to run down the stairs and back to Shadow's house. Rather than go back to sleep or to school, they decided to sit at home and watch some tv. Over all, they considered it a good day.