The Endless Storm

I sit here and I wait here,

Waiting so long,

For the magic of your reply.

My nerves are shot,

My worries are legion,

Worries for you,

A week has passed,

Trapped outside of you,

In this unending rain,

Wind slashes my fur, rending bleeding scars

Cold water pounds against my pelt

And lightning crackles through the water,

Stopping my heart when I find nothing.

It isn't your fault,

You can't control when you return,

Dragged off to Glasgow,

For over a week,

But the week has felt like a year,

A long gruelling year.

I shall continue to lie here,



Your ever steadfast knight,

Waiting for your return,

I shall bear the storm out,

And then we shall be together again,

And your words shall soothe my scars,

Like a warm hug from your embrace.

I love you.

And I miss you.