The Calm And The Storm.

How can one thought, so far away,
so impossible, cause such reaction?
it brings waves, cold as stone,
dazed they leave me brutally on the shore.

The aftermath of the rocks against thin skin and thick bones
makes it worth it, those thoughts,
those daggers save me, they numb me,
they relieve me.

I am left empty, gently lulled asleep inside my mind while the chaos
brings me down to my knees, I don't rest,
eyes so observant, in denial, naïve, question the outside,
while inside ignorance eats the crumpled edges of my soul,
nowhere to rest.

Even the waves subside, they leave me unprotected,
while the sea is infinite, my waves are not the only waves,
so selfish, I throw myself over the cliff,
dragging my limbs with precision,
nowhere to rest.

It's invisible, the cloak that brings me sadness,
I flow, and not even then their waves are quiet,
they don't lull me to sleep, they keep me concious,
until there's nothing left of me,
nothing, I am nothing.

And still, my shore is empty, their waves
cruelly crashing the stone, deservedly waiting for
its drowning.