Nothing is created or destroyed
We're all just subatomic particles and vibrations
Resonating at the same frequency of life
That means, we matter!
And we're all the same age
That makes us all stubborn old souls
Wearing baseball caps of adolescents and grass stained jerseys
We're all playing the same game
But the rules are not always gold or even silver
They're the whole spectrum of light
Some of us take that too seriously
Like monopoly
Or religion
Instead, just be yourself
it comes more nautral that way, it always has
you're more amazing at being yourself then anyone else
Share with all the ants that chip on your shoulder
In fact share everything, with everyone
Make it a potluck
Waltz with that big white elephant sitting in the corner
It might weigh heavy like guilt
But it's good for building character
Realize that your so much more then the worst thing you've ever done
It's easy like a one night stand
And in the morning, make an empty promise like,
"I'll call you later"
Stuff those promises with something noble
Like helium
Abandon all those parachutes and safety nets
Because, gravity was never meant to be taken so literally
Then call her back
Chase'er down with a shot of whiskey
Get drunk off her every word
Fall in love!
It'll feels fantastic