Remember when we were kids?

So innocent

With our hearts exposed, we didn't know we'd grow old.

Remember growing up?

Did we ever stop?

Like a never-ending race, trying to get ahead.

Never knowing what waited around the next bend.

Now the memories are all in the past

The future lies waiting, not knowing which path to take.

Saving every moment. holding onto time slipping by.

Saying goodbye, before it ends

Watching how time went slowly

Remember, way back then…

Fast forward to the future, didn't think it was the end

Memories grow older, hope we never forget.

All those times when we were children, Teenagers who knew the world

Hope we never forget

We'll never be too old, to dance in the rain

To smile through our tears and face our fears

Sing out of tune, and out of breath

Making each moment count

Yesterday almost forgotten, tomorrow yet to come

Voices frozen silent

Memories almost gone