Small Love

Vanilla is hopelessly in love with her 'older brother' Choco. Always following and being ever so faithful to him, despite him hating her. But to him, she's a mere nuisance. He doesn't feel the love she has for him. Vanilla tries her very best to get him to think highly of her. And everyday, would slowly gain his affection.

You'd think being a pretty playboy wouldn't be as attractive to most people, but Vanilla loves him and would do anything for her Chocolate.

Small Love~

Vanilla was awake by 6am. She was at their kitchen, the whole world still sound asleep. The smell of ham and cheese omelet wafted through the doors of the kitchen. There was a million and one things she needed to get done before school; like cleaning the living room, making breakfast for mom and dad, feeding Sparkie (their cute beagle) and so on but first things' first.

Vanilla knocked softly on the bed of her older brother. "Nii-san." She peeped through the door. "Wake up, big bro." She crept in slowly, shaking her brother's shoulders. The sleeping brother groaned as Vanilla opened the curtains. Vanilla pulled the covers from Choco. "Good morning Choco Nii-san!" She smiled so brightly at the teenage boy who wore his grumpiest face. "Get out of my room Verdiana!" He yelled as he threw his pillow at her. When it hit her right smack on the face, she still smiled so brightly at her brother. "C'mon now Choco nii-san, I made your favorite Ham and Cheese Omelet!" And she left him to get dressed.

Verdiana was already done feeding Sparkee and was doing a number of other things. When Choco was down he was dressed for school with his backpack slung over his shoulder. "Choco nii-san! You should fix your tie, oops. You're not wearing one." And she went over to tie the ribbon around his neck. He sat down while his little sister tied it, her chest inches away from his nose.

Choco never thought much about his sister in that sort of way, even if they weren't really related. Besides he was 7 years older than he was. And he was 17 for pete's sake! He was in his last year of high school, and Verdiana was only starting. His parents adopted Verdiana when her parents died in Japan. Verdiana's parents were good friends with his, so it was a favour they did for them.

They brought Verdiana here to America and tutored her to catch up with him. And she learned very quickly, so she was permitted to enter school earlier than most kids her age.

Vanilla isn't really her name. Mom and dad called her that. She didn't know why, but she liked the sound and since she could remember, that was what they called her. Except for her nii-san Choco. He preferred calling her by her real name: Verdiana. She always helps out. Vanilla loves mom and dad, even though they aren't her real parents. She loves her family, especially Choco nii-san.

Choco nii-san began to eat his omelet. Vanilla joined him. "Remove your apron and bandana Verdiana." He told her when he looked up. Vanilla laughed and blushed shyly. She has a big crush on her brother, though she isn't sure if he can feel her love for him. Vanilla was already in her school uniform. She was the youngest in her batch, since she was allowed to skip a few years. Mom and dad were famous professors at a big college in the city, so they had influence in the education business.

By now they finished the omelets and Choco was lying on the couch waiting for Vanilla to finish cleaning. He brought out his cell phone and started texting and calling his friends. The living room was a huge mess. Popcorn and soap spilled all over the floor. Toilet paper and furnitures were scattered around the room. So many broken pieces of china was found all over the floor. The whole room was a disaster. "Hey man! It was an awesome party last night!" Choco was talking on his phone. Vanilla was wearing her apron again and was vaccuming the floor. And for about 5 minutes, she was running all over the place cleaning the mess her brother made the night before. Choco was just talking on his phone when he looked at the clock. "Hey Verdiana." And he pointed to the wall clock. Ahh! 7:49! I need to hurry up! And she sped up her cleaning. And in no time she was halfway done. Ahh! Darn! I can't finish everything now. Choco nii-san might be late for first day of school. I'll finish later But in reality, the whole place looked amazing. It was neat and clean, just the way mom and dad liked it. And it was only 7:51.

On the way to school, Verdiana was walking with her new school bag in hand. She was greeting the neighbors good morning while Choco was just walking behind her, trying to put his head on his bed at home. His mind drifted to his sister. She was a real cutie, as his friends said. They were perverts, what did they know. Verdiana doesn't look very attractive in his point of view.

She had shoulder lengthened hair which she cuts herself with her old pair of spongebob scissors. Her clothes were all bought by mom and dad so she didn't really get to buy the clothes she wants. Verdiana has pretty blue honest eyes. And she was a bit of a shortie if you ask him, but he was a basketball player and she wasn't. He was into a lot of sports but was too lazy to join practice. It was graduation so they had a party last night. If ever he felt any guilt for making her clean the living room, it wasn't there. He loved her, don't misunderstand, just not the way you want to kiss your girlfriend all night. And hell that was all he did last night, well in his case 'girlfriends'.

Mom and dad told her not to join the party, they knew the kind of things Choco can do at a party, and for an 11 year-old starting highschool next morning, well.. it didn't seem like such a good thing.

School was real hell. Well to Choco nii-san it was. Vanilla honestly liked going to school. She found it interesting to learn new things everyday. And all her friends and teachers were so nice to her. She didn't know why some people didn't like it. But when she saw her new school she felt so happy. Vanilla stood looking so awestruck until Choco knocked her on her head. "Nii-san…" And her voice trailed off. "Welcome to hell." He said, looking as annoyed as ever.

"Hey! Cain!" a loud sound came to greet them from behind. And Choco nii-san was grabbed by the teenager the same age as Cain. "Alec nii-san! Good morning, how was your break?" Vanilla bowed politely to her senior. "Ahh! Chibi! I see you look very cute in your new uniform!" he smiled at Vanilla. Vanilla thanked him and smiled back.

"I'm doing alright I guess. I hate that school has to start again." Alec grinned mischievously. "But it gives time for him to start on his pranks he's been working on over the summer." Vanilla turns around and smiles wider. "Neil nii-san! Good morning!" She bowed again, to the dark haired boy with glasses. "Hello Verdiana. How are you?" He couldn't get to hear his answer. "Cain! Alec! Neil! Yo!" And the badass appeared. "Ah! Good morning Henry nii-san!" She bowed again to the boy wearing so much metal jewelry, he could probably beat Queen Elizabeth in a competition for accessories. "Hey there Vanilla! And you look super cute in your uniform!" He bent down and kissed Vanilla on the cheek. "Henry! You pedo!" Alec was already fighting with Henry in the old hysterical fashion, a cloud of dust appeared and people were already starting to notice a big scene in the hallway.

And by the bell, Vanilla was running to enter her new class. Most of her friends decided to remain in her old elementary school, but some of her friends transferred with her here. Vanilla was happy, but her main reason for being so jumpy was that she was finally so close to nii-san. But the happiness of meeting his friends again, she forgot where her class was. Nii-san was about to volunteer to bring her, but he was dragged off by his friends and girls who were trying to flirt with him. She didn't mind, seeing Choco nii-san so happy was already enough to start her day.

Seeing Choco nii-san with his many other friends in school….. he looked different from when he was with her. He looked happy and relaxed. Bt when he was with her…. She couldn't describe it. He looked bored. And it made her sad. So when she transferred here, she wanted to see what could make him smile so great and so that she could do it at home so he would smile too.

It was a perfect plan. And Vanilla couldn't wait for this day. But when he sees him with a pretty girl. Her heart tightens and fills with so much pain. It burns and she would crumple on the floor. But she doesn't let him see. It was enough to have him be kind to volunteer that he take her to her room. The gesture made her smile. Still. The pain. It was her sad, but small love.