Lila skipped round the town square, her yellow stick in hand. It was decorated gaudily with orange ribbons and golden sequins.

"Hocus Pocus!" She yelled excitedly. The other girls and boys looked at her and laughed cruelly. They never believed for one minute that Lila wanted to be a witch. The others knew about witches. The town was supposedly built by them, and each paving slab was filled with magic. As Lila skipped around, and an old woman came from thin air and stepped in front of her.

"So you want to be a witch?" She asked Lila, who nodded vigorously.

"Ok. I shall perform a test on you, to see if you are pure of heart. It won't hurt, so don't worry. I will just extract one tear from your eye and put it in my truth serum here. If the tear turns purple, you are pure of heart and can become a witchling. If it turns blue, however, you are not pure of heart and will not ever become a witch. Many young witchlings have failed this test." The woman continued, pulling a tear from Lila's eye with her wand. The tear was then placed in the potion, and, to the old witch's surprise, it turned purple. Lila smiled, and the old lady did too. There was a flash and the old lady became a beautiful lady, except for a hooked nose.

"Ready to become a witch now?" The woman asked. Lila nodded, and grabbed the woman's hand. Little did Lila know that this would be the start of a fun adventure...