I'm sorry for the lack of new chapters but I'm having my papers and just don't find the time to continue. To make up for that here is another poem.


The mirror, I see, up against the wall everyday,

The broken woman, I see,

Or are they the cracks, the slivers of silver,

Running through in every way.

Look at the woman, staring back,

Her empty eyes, or just a trick of the light.

Lips apart, moving, as if to say;

"Who am I?

"Why am I?"

The mirror, I see, innocence untouched,

The child, I see,

A flame haired girl, flame in her eyes,

To her heart, metal-fire clutched.

Innocence, so fragile, so tainted with blood,

A child, so broken, so hurt,

While still just a bud.

The mirror, I see, a broken bird,

Nay, a fire breathing dragon with a broken wing,

So much pain, the vision blurred.

Chastity, purity, no longer hers,

Redemption could have been her desire first.

But no, now, just wrath, greed, pride, hate and lust,

Betrayed by those, who held her trust.

She ain't no maiden, waiting for her prince to be her savior,

No more that child, longing for love.

No more a woman, searching for pity,

No longer a virgin, seeking redemption.

Just a dragon, the fire breathing dragon,

No longer hurt, no one can hurt,

For in the mirror, I see, the woman,


The only one I trust.

I hope you enjoyed.