Outgrowing the Holidays

It's that time of year again, the holiday season for the months of October, November and December. You see decorations in front of people's houses, in stores, offices, and cities. The holiday season is the one time of the year when you hear people discuss about what they're dressing up as for Halloween, what they're going to cook for Thanksgiving and Christmas, what presents they want to buy for their loved ones and where they want to go for vacation. People are happy because of dressing up in costumes, being thankful, gift giving, and holiday specials. The holidays are not always smiles and gifts. There are some people who don't celebrate the holidays due to financial reasons, religious beliefs, work related, military or medical reasons. Other people are oblivious to the holidays, like me for example.

This is not an attempt to demonize the holidays in any fashion. I'm speaking for those who experienced the holiday seasons for most of their lives and it ends up becoming routine. I still love the holidays regardless but it's the same thing every year. There's never much variety with the major holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Of course those three holidays have their separate activities and celebrate. What I mean by not much variety is that there aren't many festivals for all ages and read aloud stories for kids. It's understandable for the festivals that there are matters concerning money, time and event management. The holidays are known for being depressing for the people out shopping for presents, we are in a recession and products are expensive. I feel bad for the parents that can't get their child that exciting new toy that was advertise throughout the fall season because it was sold out. Another thing that is sad that the new electronic device that a family member or significant other wanted was too expensive or a certain model was recalled due to a bad glitch.

I also realize that holiday specials aren't given better treatment when the holidays come around. Holiday specials are always that key ingredient to get you excited for the holidays. In my experience, I've seen many different television specials for the three major holidays. There are no more Thanksgiving specials besides the Charlie Brown special for Thanksgiving. There are now hardly any viewings for these specials anymore. The television stations believe that since they show it every year and assume that people are sick of it, these specials get shown less and less. I've noticed that with CBS, ABC and Cartoon Network that these Halloween and Christmas specials get shown several times throughout the month people would get sick of them. So they show them less and less to make room for their original shows to stay on the timeslots.

As I get older, I notice that the holidays just aren't the same when I was a kid. I get a feeling of less excitement and more indifferent mood during a holiday season. Whenever October comes, I say "Oh, it's the month of Halloween'. When November comes, "It's turkey month." I feel the same way with December, "Christmas is just 25 days away, cool." Today, the holidays are all about commercials, consumer products and bugging people about that one thing you wanted that you saw this year so badly. It may be the same no matter how old you are, but once you realize it becomes déjà vu. It's a sad reality but life goes on.