My first mystery By: Ashley Wood

One day I was aboutl to write in my journal when I noticed that the front twentyeight pages where ripped out. I knew all the people who where able to do this. They were my parents, my cusin, my sister, my sister's friend, my sister's friend's little brother, and my friend. I could aready take out a few suspects. I could take out my parents, my friend, my sister, and my sister's friend. I could eliminate my parents because the ywould never go in my room. My friends was out because she had not been in my house for almost a week. My sister's friends was up my sister's butt all day and considering my sister and I came to a truths with each other's room her and her friend was out. That ment that only two people were left. My cusin and my sister's friend's little brother.

I confronted my cusin first. He didn't do it. If he would of did it no matter if it was something serious he would of busted up laughing. That ment the person who did it was my sister's friend's little brother.

When I got home I stormed to my sister's room and pounded on the door. When she opened it I yelled at her for not keeping a good eye on her friend's little brother.

She called her friend to tell her what had happened and to tell her to come over with her little brother. When they finally arrived the little six year old looked like he had been yelled at by one hundred people. I didn't want him to get yelled at I just wanted my papers back. I nhis hands were the papers I wanted folded up in his hands.

To show him I was not mad at him I ran to my room and got under my bed. I then took out my hiden box of boy toys and took out five cars, six bouts, and four planes. I then ran back out to the door were they where standing and then asked the little six year old " You want to trade?"

His eyes glisened with happyness. I got on my knees and put the toys in front of him, and he did the same with my papers. That is when his sister said that they had to go. I was glad I got my papers back and that he was happy. What a fun day!