Do you hear the screams in the shadows?

The fangs dripping flesh of a man alone.

Did you know just how shallow the wicked clock has been?

Always closing the gaps in my life, giving a thirsty man a poisonous tea.

See I can no longer walk, my legs a visual of true darkness.

If I could only feel your face again, words to the one who put me in this state.

You can hear my sluggish footsteps, as they beat like a drum humming for a vessel.

Half a man, I come slowly with the howls of the souls that will atone for your sins.

Why do you look so petrified, so scared?

You should be happy, look at what they are doing for you!

They will disappear from this land, but do not worry, please do not fret,

See there is a greater part yet!

The ghost chains of the passing train hiss by as you are locked within a solid rope of the mind.

The cold breeze whispers to the voices in your head, reminding you of all that you dread.

Then for a quick instant, you cannot look away..

The souls of the lost realm will all come from this lake.

You, frozen in on tracks you have made,

Will be dissolved by their never ending quake of recalled fates.