Here we are again, a short essay about someone's love. Maybe yours.

You came into my life on a cold, snowy day of January. You had deep brown eyes that sparkled every time you smiled. It was strange, I remember, how you could look so young and carefree and the next minute your face would grow serious and thoughtful. It was this ambiguity that first drew me in. For months I stayed away, though. I wasn't sure what to tell you. In a way, your mere presence was intimidating. Yet, I could not think of anything or anyone else when you were in the same room as me. I watched you talk and laugh from afar with your friends. There was this little voice inside my head that kept trying to push me towards you. Like a magnet I had no control over. I remember when I said my first words to you. I was so nervous I'm sure it showed on my face. But you smiled at me, and I swear I even saw you wink at me, and suddenly everything was easy. You acted so normal that I forgot why I was so nervous in the first place. I'm pretty certain that you could read the fascination I have for you in my eyes. Anyone would have noticed.

You're different. I still don't know much about you, but it's enough to say that you're not like all the others. You believe in friendship, in loyalty, in love. You have faith in humanity despite the atrocities that you've seen. Despite knowing what man is capable of. You still think that there is good in every human being. You counterbalance my pessimism and my belief that we all are rotten to the core. And sometimes, you even convince me that there is no evil in us, only broken dreams and shattered illusions. I love the way I forget everything else when you're around. No one could ever compete with you. I don't believe in perfection—at least I try not to—but you're so close to it that it's ridiculous. I didn't know a person could be so flawless. Every little detail about you makes my heart beat faster. I think it's pretty safe to say that I've fallen for you. One day, maybe, I'll feel brave enough to name this strong feeling I have for you. One day, maybe, I'll be able to tell you all these things. I'll show you the fire that's been consuming me ever since I met you. I'll take your hand and I'll never let go. Ever.

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