I looked out the window, across the pond in front of our house, at something moving. I know. I know we're not supposed to wander farther than our yards. I know we're not supposed to leave, but I was tempted.

I felt the soft, gentle fur of my dog brush against my leg. I reached my hand down and scratched behind her ears, her favorite spot.

"I don't know what's out there Juno, I just don't know." I said to the sweet creature that was my dog, Juno. She was a shorter dog, with twice as much fur as normal that was every shade of grey imaginable. It was beautiful.

I looked back out the window, my curiosity threatening to burst. The government was no more. Humans were scattered around the world, monstrous beasts roam the forests. We are stuck in our homes. We have no contact with others, no way to get food except our fenced garden out back.

I opened the door and let the cool, fresh air hug my skin. My vision soon adjusted to the blending of blue, green, and the mud brown of our house, form into a beautiful, happy sky, soft grass below, and a simply horrifying house that no one ever sees. Looming directly ahead of me, were the tallest trees you could imagine, they almost seemed to be touching the sky, their contents hidden by brush and undergrowth.

I felt Juno press comfortingly against my legs. Sometimes I wonder if that dog is smarter than I originally let on. I focused on the trees ahead, my curiosity now getting the better of me. I walked forward, toward the forest with Juno staying by my side.

Something lulled Juno and I into the forest that day, and after that day, my curiosity was replaced by absolute terror as I faced what really lied beyond the wilderness.