Luna woke up early that day she looked at the calendar in the dining room it said November 13, 2012. Ashley's birthday she walked in the closet that Ashley rarely goes in to see the presents that she got her girlfriend. Three pro board Zero, Element and Rob Dyrdek's Alien Workshop board. Some new DC skate shoes in her favorite colors black, red, purple and blue high tops. This was prefect Ashley was asleep just long enough for her to call Ember.
"Ember, you still up for Ashley's surprise birthday?" Luna asked
"Oh, hell yes. It will be interesting to see a werewolf be off guard." Ember laughed
"Alright have everything ready before Ashley gets there. I'll text you when too..."
"Text who? Morning Luna who's on the phone?" Ashley asked when she got downstairs wearing her over sized Kingdom Hearts shirt and boxers.
"It's just my dad. Yeah dad Ashley's just fine."
"Luna what are you talking about?" Ember asked
"Yeah I love you too." Luna said hanging up on Ember it was the only think she could do. She'll explain what happened when they meet up a bit later while Ashley gets her motorcycle back from the repair shop.
"Hey babe. Did you sleep well?" Luna asked
"Like a pup." Ashley said kissing Luna's cheek.
"That's nice." Luna said
"You know what today is right?"
"Yes that is true but..."
"Oh yeah I have to meet up with Ember thanks for reminding me. I'll be right back." Luna said grabbing her keys. Leaving Ashley in the room by herself.
"I can't believe she forgot about my birthday." Ashley said
Luna got to Ember's house where everything was being set up.
"Why you hang up?" Ember asked
"Ashley came into the room" Luna said
"Okay it's cool."
"So Jade and Ashley are going to be so surprised!"
"Yeah. Keep them both busy." Ember said
Ashley had Jade over and she texted Luna saying she could stay over at Ember's
"Luna forgot about your birthday too?"
"Yeah it's bad." Ashley said
Three hours later Jade and Ashley were just playing video games till Ember and Luna texted them to meet them up at Ember's house.
"You think they remember now?" Jade asked
"Not sure." Ashley said
Kyuubi and Tanuki went to Ember's house they looked around seemed like no one was home.
"Damn it's dark." Ashley said
"Happy Birthday!"
"What is this?" Jade said
"Sorry we acted like we forgot."
"WE thought you DID forget." Ashley said
"We could never!"
"I love you, babe." Ashley said kissing Luna on the cheek.
"Love is all I can feel you." Luna said
Turns out Ember and Luna didn't forget their girlfriends' birthday and surprised them with the party.
Ashley was 150 and Jade was 140. The four of them when on a double date and enjoy each other.
Happy birthday Jade and Ashley we love you.