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Chapter 1

"You guys are coming this Saturday, right?" Dean asked, running his fingers through his sexy brown hair. Madison's jaw dropped. It was Dean's birthday this Saturday! But she and her best friend Danielle were on shift at their Local Job that day! Madison tried to hide her shock. She turned to Danielle, ashamed and at a loss for what to say. Dean was their very best guy friend. How could they miss his birthday?

"We'll totally be there!" Danielle jumped in, saving Maddie. Madison didn't know how to be in two places at once. "Cool! I can't wait!" Dean said excitedly, high-fiving his best friend and the girls' best guy friend, Danny.

The rest of the day was a drag for Madison and Danielle. They had a test and Danielle hadn't studied! Luckily, Madison and Danielle sat right beside each other so every time the teacher's back was turned Madison helped Danielle and they worked as a team for the rest of the half hour because their teacher just went to the front of the class and dozed off.

Brrring! The bell went for lunch and everyone got up and left. "Thanks for helping me Maddie! Thank god we sit beside each other!" Danielle said hugging Madison, she hugged her back and they went to there lockers and got there money, to go out to eat lunch with Dean and Danny, who waited for them outside. "Shall we go?" Danny said in a seductive voice. "Ugh, Danny, stop! And yes, let's go!"

Madison said as they got into Dean's convertible Audi. Dean's dad was rich, so they all had nice cars.

- 15 minutes later -

"Ladies we are here!" Dean said, turning the radio off and getting out of the car like the others.

They went inside Starbucks. "You are a life saver!" Madison said, hugging Dean, and ordering a cup of coffee. Danielle did the same. They sat down and drank their coffee. "I am NOT in the mood to go back to class. Ohmigosh, I absolutely HATE History!" Danielle and Madison linked arms, got up and threw their empty cups in the trash.

Danny grabbed Danielle by the shoulders on their way out, "Then let's get outta here!" Dean punched Danny on the arm, "Awesome idea, bro!" They were both wearing their varsity jackets. Madison thought they looked kind of cute but she shook that thought out of her hand. To distract herself, she grabbed the keys out of Dean's hands. "I'm driving!" She sang teasingly. They all laughed and Madison handed the keys to Danielle.

"MY HOUSE! We can chill there and watch movies till our last 2 periods of Drama!" Madison said, sitting in the back with Dean. "Yaah, great idea, I have some movies you girls will LOVE!" Said Danny, sitting in the passenger seat, he got out ' The Notebook ' "OMG! Danny! That'll make us cry!" Danielle said as she stopped at a red light, and as Madison nodded. "Babes don't worry you got our chest!"

Dean and Danny said, laughing. "Whatever," Danielle and Madison said together, joining in. Danielle blasted some Drake music, until they reached Madison's house.

Madison unlocked the door and welcomed her very best friends into her house. They went into the kitchen and grabbed all the snacks they could see. "Let's go into my basement!" Madison exclaimed, her eyes dancing happily. They shrugged and went downstairs. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, they all gasped. There was a HUGE flat screen TV and a bunch of seats. It was like a theater.

They grabbed seats and Danny popped in "The Notebook". They cried and "aww"ed their way through the movie. Danielle and Danny cuddled and Madison and Dean held hands. When the saddest part came, Madison started tearing up. The boys snickered and Madison threw a handful of popcorn at Danny's head.

Madison look a glance at Danielle and saw, she had fell asleep on Danny's chest, she saw, his shirt was soaking with tears from Danielle, she looked at Danny and saw, he was just looking at her and smiling.

- An hour later of watching movies -

Danielle was still asleep on Danny's chest . "OMG! GUYYS WE GATTA GO BACK TO SCHOOL! DRAMA IS OUR NEXT PERIOD IN 15 MINS!" Madison exclaimed.

"Lets go!" Dean said. "Heyy, Danielle, wake up we have to go to drama!" Danny said, shaking her. Danielle awoke with a start. "Oh, sorry about your shirt" Danielle said blushing. "Ehh, it's okay!" Danny said, as all four exited the house and rushed to the car. Danny was driving. They reached school in 5 minutes, just enough time, before Mr. Ross came in.

"Guys and girls, today in drama we are going to play a game…. everyone has be a married couple, for 3 weeks!" Mr. Ross said. He was a really fun teacher! Everyone was excited! "I have paired you guys up. So, Cameron and Cindy, Danielle and Danny, Steven and Kate, Tom and Nicki, Madison and Dean, Sean and Jennifer and finally, Jaden and Jessica! You'll be marked on this! Have fun!"

Mr. Ross said.

Madison turned to Dean, "Hey husband," She said jokingly. As Jessica passed by, she whispered to Madison, "You are SO lucky you got the hottie! I'm stuck with Jaden!" Madison frowned. What was that about? Dean wasn't a hottie, he was her friend; her best friend. She looked at him and he was joking around with Danny. He did look kind of cute...

"Maddie! Wanna come over after school?" Danielle yell-whispered to her across the room, Madison smiled, "Sure!" she yell-whispered back.

Dani beamed and Madison noticed that Danny was holding her hand..."Hmmm, that's interesting..." Madison thought.

"I WANT BABIES WITH YOU MADISON!" Dean yelled, the whole class looked at him. Yes, he was the class clown. Madison slapped him jokingly. "You must be outta your mind!" "Dean, that was inappropriate, I'll be seeing you after school." Mr. Ross came in. "HAHAHA!" Madison said, laughing. She stole a glance at Danny & Danielle and saw Danny was sitting so close to her. Just as she turned her head, Dean kissed Madison on the cheek and said "I'll see you at home honey." He winked, causing her to laugh at his ridiculous attempt at flirting. After all, they were best friends.

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