Chapter 5

Danielle's phone rang. "MADISON! GET MY PHONE!" Danielle yelled. "KAAY!" Madison said as she grabbed Danielle's Blackberry off the counter. "It's Lloyd." Madison said. Danielle answered, a few minutes later, she cut the phone. "So... What happened?" Madison asked.

"We forgot to meet them tonight... So I told him Lloyd and Jake they can come over? Is that okay?" Danielle said as she ate some more popcorn. "Yah, haven't seen Jake in awhile!" Madison happily said. Danielle re-did her makeup and Madison changed into Skinny jeans and a sexy top that showed her shoulders.

The girls waited. About 20 minutes later, their doorbell rang.

Madison ran to get the door. "Hey Madison, I came to check on you guys! Is Danielle okay? Wow, you look nice!" Madison's jaw dropped. Jake and Lloyd weren't the ones at the door; it was Dean and Danny. "Um, hi guys! Danielle's fine! You can go back to school now!" Madison panicked. Danielle came to the door. Her mouth dropped open in shock. "Danny! Dean! Umm, hey!" Danny ran to Danielle.

"Are you feeling okay?" He asked her. "Y-yeah, I'm fine! You guys didn't have to skip class!" Danielle stammered. "We wanted to see that you're okay and hang out! Math was so boring!" Dean said. "No, really, I'm fine! You guys should go back to school now!" Danielle said and Madison nodded. "No way, unless you really want to; Then we can come along and plus we can drive you!" Danny said.

"I have a car," Dani pointed out. Madison sighed. Dean flopped down on the couch in the living room. "We're not leaving unless you are!" He said. Madison and Danielle groaned inwardly.

"We'll have to ditch Lloyd and Jake," Danielle whispered to Madison. "No way!" Madison whispered back. "It's that or they show up and Dean and Danny see them!" Danielle told her. "Why should we hide who we're dating? They probably already know!" Madison said. "Yeah, but there's something wrong with Lloyd and Jake and even though we don't care, Dean and Danny do! They keep trying to tell us!" Danielle whispered back furiously. Madison sighed and flopped down beside Dean. "Fine, let's go!" She said to him.

All four got into the car and headed back to school. They were just in time for class. "Guys and girls do 4 laps around the gym and meet be back in the middle for our next activity!" Mr. Patel said. He was a good gym teacher. After 4 laps around the gym, everyone gathered in the middle of the gym.

"Today, we will be playing dodge ball! Madison and Danielle can pick teams!" Mr Patel announced. Madison punched the air! She and Danielle loved Dodgeball.

Madison and Danielle clapped their hands and stood in front of their class.

"I pick Dean!" Madison said, her and Dean won most of the games together. "Danny's on my team!"Danielle called.

"I want Grace!" Maddie called. Grace was tall and athletic, just like her.

"I'll call out Jason!" Danielle shouted. Jason was fast and strong, just like Danny, so they would probably win this game. They picked there teams for another minute or so and stared the game. Danny got the first ball and whipped at Jenny; it hit her below the waist so she was out.

Madison ran around her team members, her ponytail swinging. Jordan Lee threw the ball at her but she caught it. "Out!" She called. She hit a girl named Tiffany who looked liked she wasn't even trying to participate. "Out!" Maddie called again.

"I don't care, I was trying to get out anyway!" Tiffany shouted, who was clearly a diva. She raised her hand and called to Mr P, "Can I go to the washroom?" Madison rolled her eyes. She probably needed to fix her makeup.

- 10 minutes later -

The only people left on the court were; Danny, Danielle and Jason. The remaining member on the other court were; Dean, Madison and Grace. "Boys and girls, you guys have about a minute before this period ends! Lets see who wins!" Mr. Patel said.

The gym became intense. Filled with pressure and competition! Danny threw the ball and hit Dean. "YOUR OUT!" He shouted. Madison caught the ball just in time to hit Danny, she was successful! Danielle picked up the ball and threw it at Grace, who caught the ball, so Danielle was out. Jason and Grace were both left on the court; they were dating so it was a bit intense!

Grace threw the ball at Jason but he jumped to the side. It was harder with only two people. Jason whipped the ball hard at her, aiming for her legs but she jumped. It was a close brush. By now the whole class was counting down. "10...9...8...7...6...5...-" Grace picked up the ball and whipped it across the gym at Jason. He ducked and literally fell. He grabbed the ball and threw it at her.

"4...3..." Grace dodged it. They were running out of time. She threw it at him fast. It bounced and he caught it but it didn't count. So he whipped it back at her but this time she didn't run. She caught it triumphantly. "2...1...!"

Everyone cheered. "Good try, Jason!" Grace said. He smiled, "Thanks," he said, not really caring about who won.

That's what everyone loved about Jason. He didn't make a big scene about anything that wasn't worth making a scene over. "Great job, guys! Now line up for lunch!" Mr Patel said.

They all got in line for lunch. Dean and Danny caught up to the girls. They chattered until they passed the office, someone caught Danielle's sight, it was Lloyd and Jake.

Jake and Lloyd recognized them immediately. The girls were speechless. Dean and Danny walked up to them and said; "What are you guys doing here?" Dean asked, irritated. You could hear the anger in his voice.

"We wanted to know if Madison and Danielle would skip class to meet us but they didn't so we came here to pick them up. Your stupid principal caught us." Jake explained, bitterly. Dean's eyes flashed menacingly.

"We almost told Madison and Danielle what was wrong with you guys but we didn't. I swear if you don't leave now, we will tell them," Dean threatened in a low voice. "Can't leave now, can we? We're caught." Lloyd said.

Dean and Danny walked away, back to the girls. The truth about Jake and Lloyd was that when they went out with girls, they got attached and then got them in trouble. For example, when Jake dated Casey, he made her skip class, influenced her to talk back to teachers, and then broke her heart after two months.

Lloyd dated Caitlyn and did the same thing. Eventually, their relationship ended with Lloyd breaking her heart.

"I'm tired of hiding this from them, Dean and Danny barely let us hang with our boyfriends!" Madison said. Danielle nodded, just then, Madison shot them a look. "Guys, Jake and Lloyd are our boyfriends, you don't let us spend time with them anymore! "Madison yelled. Danielle nodded "Yes, it's true." Madison and Dani went outside with Jake and Lloyd.

Dean and Danny were crushed. They knew all too well that they liked Madison and Danielle as more than a friend. "Come on, there's nothing we can do about it." Danny said to Dean. "Wanna take the rest of the day off and chill at home?" Dean asked Danny. The boys weren't at all pleased with the girl's decision.

Dean and Danny snuck out the school and drove home to Dean's house. Meanwhile, Madison and Danielle pulled on their jackets and got into Lloyd's car. "Where are we going?" Madison asked, letting her hair out of its scrunchie. "Wherever you want," Jake answered. ""Let's go somewhere fun!" Maddie said. "Where?" Lloyd asked. "Let's go play Laser Tag!" Danielle piped up.

Lloyd laughed, "Okay, might as well have some fun!" He drove to the biggest, most expensive Arcade which provided Laser Tag.

They got out of the car and into the arcade. "Four tickets please," Jake asked the lady at the front desk. "That'll be $80, sir." She answered. Madison gasped and took hold of Jake's arm. "That's expensive, we can go somewhere else." She didn't want him spending so much money on one night, but Jake just laughed, pulling his arm back. He took out his wallet and handed the woman a hundred dollar bill

She handed him $20 along with four tickets. He passed one to each of them and they showed their ticket to the security guard at the entrance to the Laser Tag game.

The man handed them each a vest and a huge gun. Jake and Lloyd had red glow-in-the-dark vests and Madison and Danielle had blue. "Let's change vests," Jake said to Danielle. Danielle agreed and they switched.

Now it was Madison and Jake against Danielle and Lloyd. They joined a bunch of other teenagers and entered. "Whoa," Madison breathed. There was a blue-ish purple-ish glow and tons of mist surrounding her. There were lights and epic music playing. Madison raised her gun and ran farther inside. There were walls everywhere. It was like a maze. She saw someone running around the corner.

She smiled wide and shot him. "YESS!" Madison said, and ran to pursue others. Half an hour into the game, she was laughing and having so much fun. She had collided with Jake twice and they had gotten their legs tangled together.

The game had finished. They all return there stuff and went into the parking lot. "Guys, this was the BEST night ever!" Danielle said kissing Lloyd on the cheek. "Thanks so much, Jake!" Madison gave Jake a hug. They all got into Lloyd's car.

"Guys, it's my friend John's birthday, they're throwing a HUGE party, you girl's wanna go?" Lloyd asked. Danielle and Madison exchanged a look. "Okay, but let's change outta these sweatpants!" Madison said. They drove to Danielle's house.

Danielle changed into a pretty, orange strapless dress and Madison borrowed Danielle's gorgeous soft blue dress and black tights underneath. Madison wore her hair up and so did Danielle. They put on eye shadow, Mascara, and powdered their faces with blush. Madison put on her favourite Strawberry-Kiwi smooch lip gloss and they went downstairs, looking stunning.

"Someone will probably take you away from me, Maddie," Jake joked. Madison laughed. "No but seriously, you look beautiful tonight!" Jake said, putting his arm around her. "You look very pretty Danielle, and that dress really goes well with your hair," Lloyd said to Danielle.

"Aw thanks, Lloyd!" Danielle said, giving him a hug. They went to the car and drove to the party.

When they arrived to the party, the boys got out first and opened the door for the girls offering them their hands. "Thanks!" Both girls said in unison. They walked into the building. The music was blasting really loud, there were so many people! The girls felt kind of un-comfortable being in a community full of people they don't know.

They boys found John and they all wished him a ' Happy Birthday, ' "Woaah." John said to the girls causing them to blush. "You girls go find something to eat and chill, we'll be right back, okay?" Lloyd suggested, the girls nodded and headed toward the table with food. "Heyy, Maddie," Danielle said getting food. "Mhmmm?" Maddie replied. "I feel bad for yelling at Dean and Danny... I wonder if they're okay." Danielle said, putting food onto her plate and trying to find a place to sit. "Yeah, me too... I regret yelling at Dean, let's call them after we eat?" Madison said with a mouth full of food. "And, yah, I think we should." Danielle replied before digging into her food.

After Madison and Danielle were done eating, they went into a corner and Madison called Dean's house. Riiing. "Oh wait! They're at school. I should call his cell," Madison realized. Riiiing. But right when Madison was about to hang up and try Dean's cell, someone answered. "Hello?" Dean's voice said. "Dean? It's Maddie! What are you doing at home? You're supposed to be at school!" Madison said.

"So are you, so don't give me any of that crap. I don't want to talk right now, I'll give it to Danny," Dean said on the other end. "Danny skipped school too?!" Danielle gasped. There was a pause on the other end. Then..."Hello," Danny's voice said. "Danny! Maddie and I are sorry for yelling earlier today, can you tell that to Dean too?" Danielle asked. "Okay, is that it?" Danny said.
"Well, yeah I guess," Danielle answered, surprised. "Okay. Bye." Danny said on the other end. Maddie waited."Wait! Do you forgive us? We feel terrible, we're still friends right?" Danielle asked, worriedly. "Sure, FRIENDS sounds good," Danny said, emphasizing the word: friends. "Danny, wait! What's wrong? I said I'm sorry!" Danielle said into the phone. The line went dead.

Danielle sighed and gave Madison back her cell. "He hung up on me," Dani whimpered. "It's okay, you have Lloyd now!" Madison said, in an effort to cheer her up.

"But, they were our best friends!" Danielle said. Madison agreed. Just then, Lloyd and Jake came to the girls. "You girls wanna dance or what?" Lloyd asked taking a sip of his beer. "Don't drink." Madison said. Danielle was feeling kind of down from the phone call.

"Yeah, lets go dance." Danielle said with a weak smile. The girls got up and locked hands with their boys. They danced for the whole night.

- 12:00 a.m. -

"Guys, I'm tired, and we have a test tomorrow, we still needa study." Danielle said covering her mouth with her hand as she yawned. "Yeah," Madison agreed. The boys nodded, they all exited the house and went into Lloyd's car. Lloyd agreed to drop the girls to Danielle's house.

They reached Danielle's house in about 25 minutes. "Thanks for today guys, it was awesome!" Madison said hugging Jake. "No problem ladies!" Jake said winking at Madison, making her blush. "We'll take you guys out for lunch, tomorrow?" Lloyd asked Danielle. "Uhh, yeah. Yeah sure!" Danielle replied. They boys got back into he car drove off, the girls waved until the car disappeared. Danielle Unlocked the door and the girls enter. Eager to take there heel's off. Once they changed into comfortable clothes, they called it a night and went to bed.