Why are we fighting;

When there's nothing left to fight for?

Oh, my life bled out

Upon the floor

And you stood staring down

Oh, how you betrayed me

I won't be around

To see how I betray you

And how much longer can this go on?

This hatred that's so complicated

Well, I'll put this in a song

So I can let out my frustrations

And all I see through my eyes

Is blue

My tears fall on the ground

But you don't seem glad to let them fall

Why can't you just catch them?

Or do you not care at all?

And everything I do

Just makes me sad

I just think of you

And my eyes see blue

Oh, how can this be?

When I thought we were going good

Do you hate me?

Well, I know you should

But I don't feel any sympathy

Do you?

Cause all I see is blue