We all have a different life.

A different way. A different love and hope.

We all are different. Nothing about us is the same as anyone else. This is why I think that there is no perfect soul mate for everyone. Call me bitter if you like, but there is none that can appease me like my sanctuary.

My fort. My protection. My wall.

We all have a different protection.

Mine is a small place, nestled in blankets and pillows I find safety.

Our protection is weak, no matter what it is. But it is our true home. The place where we can do no wrong. Where we find that no matter what we do, we will never be judged.

I find a flash light, a sheet, and a pillow protection.

They won't do me any help with guns or swords. But they protect me from the real hard. Outside my fortress of sheets and love, a harsh tongue decked with criticism and hate. A party of harshly thrown words that put people into power.

We grow, and with us, our love blossoms like a rose in summer. A red rose of hope. The bud that begins and grows into the person you will be.

Our sanctuaries change too. With us, they grow into homes and buildings, and security camera and alarms. It was so simple. A place to hang your blankets and a soft pillow to rest your head. A glass of warm milk, a sweet song sung by a loving voice.

Your sanctuary is whomever you find suitable to love you. A mother, a friend.

But my sanctuary is my place behind the couch. In a pillow and blanket fort. Safe and warm. The sounds of life around me. A flashlight at night, flickering and throw shadows into my safety. My safety is mine and mine alone. Behind the softness of my fort, I can stay safe and home, while parties rage and wars end. I'm safe.

Because a sanctuary is never the same for anyone. But mine is mine.