A leaf
Dangles on a tree branch,
Delicately hanging by a thread.

The nights bring doubt
Cold uncertainty
Each gust of wind a turbulent affair,
It painfully bends, shrieks and thrusts about,
Ready to break, ready to fall.
I watch it violently spin in circles
Wanting to hold it, make it whole again,
Yet the weight of the world constantly pulls
It hangs depressively towards the ground.

What broke this leaf's hold to its roots?
It grasps, but it just won't hold on
Incessantly, it stands on edge,
Maybe it wants to fall
Maybe it wants to fly,
Afraid to stay, afraid to leave
It trembles, and thrusts about.

The day brings with it new light
A beam of hope, of understanding,
The leaf is illuminated
Beautiful from a distance,
But anyone who comes too close
Sees the scars, sees the imperfections.
Its grip has already been broken

And with the sunset
It lets go.