I cannot button down this madness

Or fasten it with safety pins

As a bird of fire rises from ashes

Surrenders all its savage passion

And casts away its age-old sins

I fret and fraught like feathers sail down

Cut to and fro through windless air

The night meets earth where hills sow frowns

Where things of darkness earn their crowns

To bury the words I ought to beware

My feet take me to restless places

And sanity escapes my grip

My guardian angel remains faceless

He casts me far from Heaven's graces

With blood of mine his wings are tipped

A flock of crows seep into night

Like lava cools into its stone

The last of her is sacrificed

A gift to give back to the light

The overthrow the Lost One's thrown

So still the winds and daylight's blaze

Because the quiet is so fleeting

Do meet the sun's steadying gaze

Do color all the shades of gray

Do summon it before its reaping.