The Amulet

Author: CrissMist

Class: Global History & Geography

Genre: Fictional Adventure

The Amulet

"Are you sure you know where you're going?" Mary asked as she walked through the jungle. She almost tripped on a vine as she was asking her partner Junior. Mary and Junior were assigned to go look for the missing amulet by agent Foster. Foster had told them that the missing amulet was in India but Junior being the person he was wanted to go the long way so they wouldn't get caught. Anyways, I'm Mary, I am twenty-four years old and was discovered to be a secret agent when I was eighteen as well as Junior yet Junior joined the secret agency when he was twenty. Weird right? He said he had wanted to wait until he had finished high school. So yeah, I've been in the business longer than he has. My parents disapprove of me being an agent. Something about it being dangerous or something, I don't know.

"Yes Mary. Geez stop being such a geezer. Just follow me." Junior said walking in front with map and a compass, His backpack on his back. Junior was 6'0 and I was 5'2 so of course he had to walk in front.

"Mary, Watch out for that snake." Junior mumbled looking down at the map.

"What?" I asked not really hearing what he said. Soon after I yelled and jumped onto Junior's back in right.

"I said watch out for that snake…" Junior said in between laughs.

"AND I SAID WHAT!" I yelled and started to hit him on the back.

"Okay, okay, get off." He said pulling my off his back.

"Alright. Why do we even have to walk through the jungle? Were supposed to be going to India, not going to South America! Home of the Amazon rainforest! There is no need to go through a jungle just to go find an amulet..." I said and started to take lead in the isolated jungle mumbling the last sentence.

"I already told you, since this is my first year working as a secret agent I wanted to leave a good impression, short stack."

"So what if you want to leave a good impression! Getting the amulet is leaving a good impression. Now, Come on. Let's get out of here so we can take a cab to the headquarters to find out where to go." I said walking the other direction.

"Mary! You don't know where you're going!" Junior yelled right after me.

"Yes I do! I'm getting out of here!" I yelled back.

"Mary!" I heard his voice getting lower and lower with the distance.

"I can do this alone... Where am I?" I whispered to myself turning around checking if Junior was behind me. He wasn't. I turned around. I had nothing. No water, no map, no compass, no watch, most importantly no Junior. The most unprepared I've ever been.

(Junior's Point of View)

After Mary had left I kept my way to headquarters. Sure, it was stupid of me to leave Mary in the middle of the jungle. She could get eaten by a tiger, a huge spider. I turned around to see if I could find my way back to Mary or even hear her scream. Silence; I could not hear a thing. I took a few steps back turning my body 180 degrees.

"MARY!" I yelled and got a bird squawking in response. Just as I was about to run the said bird swooped down and grabbed me. The bird was huge; it was about the size of two cars bumper to bumper. I yelled at the top of my lungs as the bird dropped me off in his nest. His nest had five huge eggs. The bird was a girl. The eggs started to shake and a crack appeared. I quickly looked down to see how far down the ground was. It felt as if I was 3,000 feet above ground. Oh! I almost forgot about my backpack! I took the back pack off of my back just as one of the birds came out of its shell and squawked. The two followed quickly after as a pulled out the rope out of my bag. The birds looked right at me. I was so frightened that the rope fell out of my hands and straight to the ground. One of the birds got completely out of its shell and started to walk towards me. So I risked my life and jumped. I scrambled trying to find something that could save me.

"Help me!" I yelled knowing that the jungle is isolated and no-one could help me. I yelled on my way down just as a blue-red and white flying thing flew by me and caught me. It placed me safely on the ground.

"Who are you?" I ask staring at her.

"I'm Stargirl." She said and flew off.

"THANK YOU!" I yelled after her then continued my journey looking of the amulet.

(Mary's Point of view)

I finally got out of that Jungle. For some reason a bird came out of nowhere and swopped me up resulting to me getting out of the jungle. I don't understand why a bird would make its nest right there to the city. It's pretty weird. Once I walked out of the jungle you saw people playing on weird instruments on the side walk, you also saw people outside of their store cleaning the sidewalks where dust and other stuff were left there. You would also see people unloading trucks outside of stores which people use as movement. I also had to learn because I wouldn't be a secret agent if I didn't. I don't understand why because I'm in a place where many tourist tour and view in India. Yet something felt wrong. Anyways, I'm now in a cab on my way to Headquarters. Will I get in trouble for not having Junior with me?

"Wait." I told the cab driver.

"Yes miss?" He asked.

"I'm sorry but I can't go. Can you take me back to the jungle? This feels wrong."


"I'll pay you extra too. I'm so sorry for having you drive in circles."

"It's alright." He said and drove me back to where he picked me up from.

"Here." I said handing his double the price of driving me in circles. "Keep the change." I said and walked back into jungle.

"JUNIOR!" I yelled walking into the jungle hoping to not get jumped or trapped by anything. This jungle may be isolated by people but animals they sure had. Especially that is was very warm this time of day. In the country it's warm too so it's not just the time of day.

"Junior!" I yelled once again walking deeper into the jungle. I look down and find a map. Not just any map. It was Junior's map. "Junior was here." I said walking the direction where the muddy footsteps trailed.

"Junior!" I kept calling as a huge tiger walked out due to the sound of a human voice. It growled and stared at me.

"J-Junior." I yell with less force and tears filled my eyes. The tiger took steps towards me. The closer it got the louder it growled. I backed up with every step it took towards me. The tiger picked it his pace and I screamed clenching my fist and crouching down into a ball. The tiger stopped and looked confused. It slowly turned around and walked back to his pack. I unclenched my fist and stared after him confused. That was weird. I thought and started and kept walking towards the footsteps.

"That was so cool." A voice said behind me that I knew oh so well.

"Junior!" I yelled running back towards him.

"Shh!" He yelled as the tiger stood back up and started to run towards them.


"What? Why?"

"JUST DO IT! TRUST ME!" He yelled hugging me as I did. The tiger once again stopped looking confused and walked back taking looks back took see if he was hallucinating.

"What just happened?" I whispered to Junior.

"When you clench your fist you turn invisible for some reason."


"Yeah. Come on let's get out of here. We have an amulet to retrieve." He said grabbing my arm and walking out of the jungle.

"You know I met a super hero?"

"Super heroes aren't real."

"I met one called star girl or something like that."

"Super heroes aren't real."

"Yes they are! People think secret agents aren't real and here we are."

"That's why were called secret agents. People don't need to know that we exist." I hailed cab and gave him the directions to the nearest restaurant near the headquarters. Soon after he dropped us off and we walked down to the headquarters. Out of sight so no one can follow.

(In Headquarters)

"Agent Mary, Agent Junior. Good to see you've decided to join us." Major Alicia told us as we took seats right in front of the big screen.

"No problem." I said.

"So, Today we got to get the amulet and put it back to its respective place. We are working with a major thief. I want you to work together to retrieve that amulet. Be careful. The Amulet is hidden in the Indian museum. If we don't retrieve it now they may sell it to make money. Good luck agents. " She said then sent us off.

(Outside headquarters)

"Ready to make history?" I asked Junior as he nodded.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Awesome." I smiled and hailed a cab.

"Oh! It's you again!" Mary said looking straight at the familiar cab driver

"Hello. Nice to see you again. Where do you want me to take you?" He asked.

"Take me to the Indian museum please." She said with a kind smile.

"It's closed." The cab driver said looking confused.

"I know. But can you please take me to the Indian museum?"

"Sure. Never deny a customer." He said with a laugh and drove off. Soon after they arrived.

"That'll be 800 rupees." He said with a smile.

"I'll pay." Junior said and handed him 820 rupees.

"Keep the change" he said with a generous smile. We walked out together and walked towards the building that had its lights off.

"Where are we going to enter from?"

"You mean where I am going to enter from. Having a small frame has its perks. Roof." I said and started to climb the pipes up to the roof.

"SCREWDRIVER!" I yelled down to Junior who ruffled through his bag looking for it. He activated the spinner onto it and it flew up to meet me. I unscrewed the air conditioner vent which was where I was going to enter from.

"J! I need you!" I yelled back at him so he could com screw this back up so it wouldn't look broke into. I slowly walked through the vents looking through the wholes at the rooms to find out which one led to the room with the amulet.

"Hidden…" I whispered remembering what Major Alicia told me.

"Where is a place a mega genius would hide a stolen amulet?" I asked myself as I stopped to think. I gasped as I figured out where he would hide it. I quickly made my way to the place and looked through the vent.

"Found it." I said as I took off the vent and jumped in. Just as my feet touched the ground alarms and lights went off. I grabbed the amulet and made jumped quickly hid just as men in black ran into the room. They started to inspect the room not noticing that the vent cap was on the floor meaning that someone had broken in. I started to panic as they made their way towards me. I quickly jumped and landed my feet on a fake rock. The alarms and lights shut off.

I scrambled though the bag Junior gave me and found the hook and quickly shot it towards the vent and hanged on as it dragged me towards the vent. I quickly shut the vent and made my way back outside.

"Junior! I got it!" I silently yelled. Junior opened the vent and let me back out.

"What happened?"

"I almost got caught. Let's go!" I yelled jumping off the rooftops of the buildings beside it. almost made it. My foot slipped. I went tumbling down to the ground.

"Mary!" Junior yelled from behind me. I splattered to the ground. Amulet crushed.

(Two Months Later)

"Watching Mary die. Really killed me inside. I mean, I loved Mary a little more than a friend and partner." Junior told the interviewer.

"And how was your relationship towards her?"

"She was my best friend. I've known her since I started high school. Sure she left when we started our senior but we never lost contact. I finished high school and collage alone. Then I decided to join her after I had a normal life. I fell in love with her when I was eighteen."

"I know its past two months but if you were in that position again. What would you have done?"

"I would have… I don't know. Maybe run in front so she wouldn't fall or try to save her." Junior said shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, Now the big question that everybody is wondering. Do you still love her?" Junior did not answer. His eyes watered as he walked towards the window. He slowly pulled out a picture of Mary which he took before she died.

"I will always love you. I know your looking down at me…Blushing" Junior softly chuckled and stared up at the sky through the window. The sun shined right at him confirming that Mary was up there. He kissed the picture and sat back down to continue his interview.