A/N: Yes, I know grammatically, it is supposed to be well not good, but in order for the rhyming to work, it needs to be good. I dedicate this to my uncle who has recently passed away and my aunt who has to deal with the repercussions.

Sonnet 4

You were a bright streaming light in childhood,

A gentle support in older year;

Always the doting one, you cheered me good.

Never the matter, always there you swear.

Playing, joking, your ever present laugh and smile

Has me bewitched, nodding along, having fun.

For me, always going the extra mile

You cared so much, like a loving song sung.

Then the darkness came, swallowing you within,

Wrapping you in cruel unrelenting claws.

Next a reprieve, you were swallowed by sin,

Its tentacles sinking, cutting like saws.

Forever I shall remember you, Uncle,

Packaged in love, wistfulness – a cycle.