Sometimes I feel like the world is ending
When everything comes crashing down
When I am suffocating
Suffocating in my tears
Drowning in the lies

Living in pain
Loving the pain
For it is all I've ever known
All I need
All I want

If they want to hurt me
Let them do it
Let me suffer
Let me cry

If they want to twist the truth
Until it is bent and broken
Let them

What can I say
What can I do
When I'm suffocating?

I have never known anything
Anything but how to suffer
Anything but the sting of pain

I have never heard anything
Anything but lies
I have come to pretend they are the truth

Even though truth doesn't exist

It could never exist
Without a lie

It hurts to drown
But I need to
I need to feel something

And feeling pain
Is better
Than feeling nothing
At all

The cold tears that drip onto my skin
Bring me back to life
Every time they kill me
Every time I die