Author's Notes :D

Lately, I've been wondering where the hell those slaves of mine came from.

Nagira: HEY! That was an insult wasn't it?!

Marita: It… was… Umm… -tilts head-

And thus, the story of my bunch of slaves. So far I have 2… DID YOU KNOW? They wear animal jackets. My name is Hisshan in the stories, Hissha (Author in Jap) and n (from chan or san)

This story is like, first part exaggerated then the non-exaggerated one. So the exaggerated one takes place in a magical place in the Victorian era or so, while the normal one is normal. Yeah the comedy is in the differences.


They two children held onto each other's hands, one hiding her face in the other's chest. The engulfing flames approached them on tip toes.

The soldiers shouted to one another through the corridors, foreign language filled the air.

The timid children pushed themselves back once more, laying their backs against the wall.

The raven haired girl began to whimper and tears rolled down her pale cheek while the blonde haired boy attempted to stop her from crying, but to no avail.

Within a second or so, the soldiers found them.

The orphanage was red with blood all over as the two nameless children were guided along the corridor to the exit.

It seemed that somewhere through the commotion the children had lost their memories and with everyone else in the orphanage dead, the children were left unidentified.

They were soon going to have to be transferred to a new orphanage.

Two children being brought up in war wasn't fun and as magic flew across the air and soldiers chanting spells as well, most would be dead in a second.


Two kids picked up their burgers, fighting over which they wanted.

While the blonde haired boy screamed for the cheeseburger, the raven haired girl did not want to give up her precious burger for the ordinary chicken one.

Then one of the caretakers came running in, huffing and puffing, trying to catch her breath before continuing.

"They have to be transferred! Nagira, Marita, Tom, Duck and Hairy! Pack your bags!" She finally shouted in a joyful tone.

The children stayed quiet, except Nagira.

None of them wanted to transfer, except Nagira.


Author's Notes :D

Short… Too short…

The comedy of the exaggerated part would soon come. Soon… Soon…