Author's Notes :D

Some stuffs, 1, there's no picture YET. I got one but haven't drawn it YET. 2, YES! NAGIRA'S A GUY! In the stories at least, in most of my drawings he's a woman. 3, I put the rating as T cos it may get bloody in the exaggerated part. 4, I love cheeseburgers.

I gotta make these stuff longer. Like seriously…


"Sit!" One of the soldiers demanded.

The blonde haired boy giggled at the man's mustache as in stood high, until his eyes. He was soon silenced by the man.

After a few seconds, the man left the room. The two children were once again in a room, in an orphanage.

They knew nothing, their names, their families, where they came from or where they will go. They only knew they were alive, they had to survive and they had one another.

Their surroundings stood silent, the screeching sound of the fan as it slowed down seemed like the loudest thing around.

The girl gripped onto the boy's sleeves, then stood up and ran to the door. The bare footed girl turned the doorknob and ran out of the room, exploring the place, slowly.

The boy, clueless as well, followed her.

A woman in a green dress walked pass and glared at them, in an unknown language, shoved them back into their room.

She stood in front and continued mumbling things the children could not hear properly, then she pointed at the girl and said, "Marita."

She moved her finger to face the boy and said, "Nagira."

Somehow or another, the two children understood that those were the names they were given.


The children walked into their new orphanage, gasping with each step they took.


Nagira immediately climbed up the stairs and rolled down the steps.


Marita stepped aside for Nagira to roll pass.


The children were lead to their individual rooms by a woman wearing an orange blouse and navy blue short jeans.

Then at dinner, the lady gave them CHEESEBURGERS.

And you should know what happens…

Nagira jumped up the table and tried to snatch some burgers away from old and new friends.

Nagira: Man, that woman makes me sound crazy. It all didn't actual-

Marita: It did.