Sapphire's Savior

By: C. Nicholson

It was raining in sheets as I sat huddled up into a ball trying to protect the last of my team from harm. Sapphire, my sister laid unconscious in my lap as I cradled her bleeding head in my hands, stroking her jet-black hair. As I leaned up against a dilapidated brick building, my long, wet, and disheveled raven hair shrouded us in a cloud of darkness. My cerulean eyes were squished shut as tears cascaded down my reddened face.

I'm not ready for this! I cannot do this! I don't want this! I thought, while the pain seared through my body, crimson seeping from a gash in my stomach, where my hand was pressed to stop the blood flow. I mentally shook myself. Zerenity you need to get a hold of yourself you have to protect your sister, you have to be a leader!

I could hear the sounds of the enemy troops, but I knew they weren't near me. I was safe for now. The sight of my comrades strewn across the fissured ground made my pallid skin crawl as more tears streamed down my wind-stricken face. I knew the closest escape routes were out of reach. I tried to reach into my backpack to get my walky-talky, but each time I jostled my broken arm, excruciating pain shot through it. I knew I needed help. I knew, Sapphire was nearing death.

Finally, I got hold of the walky-talky, a scream escaping my lips as I got it to my mouth, but only to find out that it was dead. I screamed with frustration as I dropped the useless device to the ground.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of footsteps nearing us. I looked up and saw a man's silhouette. As he drew closer I thought he looked familiar. Hope and bliss flickered in my eyes, but when I saw his face horror replaced any and all emotions in my dark eyes. I tried to crawl away from him, but I couldn't; not without further injuring my sister. I glimpsed a flash of something metallic as I fumbled to get the hunting knife that I spotted just inches away from me. I felt a sharp blow to my side as he kicked me.

"D-don't make me hurt you!" I wished I sounded braver.

His emerald eyes skewered me as a devilish laugh escaped him. I shuddered, but my eyes were drawn toward his lush lips. The same lips, I'd tasted just nights before…

I mentally shook myself. Again. Taking a deep breath, Zerenity you are a leader, you have the courage… "I am a leader, I have the courage!" I said aloud absentmindedly as my cheeks flushed scarlet.

"Renity, you got to be joking babe," he said with mocking laughter. "Look around you! Over there is Ezra, your brother"—he points to the horrendous remains of my brother his limbs strewn in every direction—"And there is your best friend, Luciana poor dear it looked as if she's been mauled by a bear…"

"Shut up, Castiel!" I shrieked tears stinging at my eyes.

"No, no, my love," Castiel smiled, wickedly. "Renity you are the one who led them here, you are the one who got them killed! You're the one who tried to be a leader just because you are the daughter of the Rebellion's leader does not make you any less of a piece of crap!"

Blinking back the tears that would not stop streaming down my face I didn't notice that Sapphire's eyes were fluttering open…

"D-don't cry…" she said hoarsely.

I tried to smile, but it turned into a grimace as I looked down to meet her cobalt eyes.

"Saph I thought I lo—"

"Hate to break up this sweet little reunion, but…" He trailed off as he pulled out a pistol that shimmered maliciously in the moonlight.

"Cas," wariness fills my voice. "What are you doing?"

"What I should have done a long time ago!" He cocked and loaded the pistol pointing it at Sapphire's head. "She is the Chosen One and she must perish!"

I heard a bang and everything happen so quickly, a faint scream escaped my lips and then I felt pain. I heard him collapse as he looked at me through eyes wide open. The blood soaked into the gravelly soil as the now limp body sank to the ground while he stared in shock. I looked at my hands and then to him. Next, I looked at the hunting knife plunged in his heart while he lay in a pool of crimson; motionless and dead. I then noticed that I was on top of Sapphire and it felt as if my chest was on fire. Sapphire looked up at me awestruck with fear and horror in her brilliant eyes.

"Are you okay, sis?" she asked, wide-eyed.

"I'm fine," I said, as I got up.

I took a few shaky steps before I fell to my knees and collapsed in a heap.

"Zerenity!" Sapphire sobbed as she knelt down beside me, tears streaming down her bruised face.

"Don't cry…" I said gutturally, coughing up blood.

I watched as she wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her camouflaged uniform, then grabbing hold of my hand and said in the calmest of voices, "I know I cannot keep you with me any longer, but I'll smile for you, Sis…"she trailed off with a sob before adding. "Because, I know I'll see you again. Good bye, Renity. I love you…"

The last thing I said before Death and the feeling of serenity pulling at my eyelids was, "I love you too, Saph…"