I see you for what you are,
A monster in disguise.
I can tell you've been planning a really long time.
My heart is in ruins.

How could i have let this happen?
The world is in ruins.
Death and destruction all around.
How could i have thought that was my beloved?

But it is...It has to be.
He still retains his body.
His soul...
His heart.

The monster took over his mind.
I urge him to fight it!
But it seems as if hes too far gone...
I let out a sob.

To think he did all of this...
I know what i must do but i'm too scared.
As i see him tower over one of my loved people,
I make my decision.

Throwing myself in front of him i hug him tight.
As he claws at me it only makes me hold tighter.
I look up and kiss him, almost willing him back to normal.
As he hesitates then wraps his arms around me, i know he'll be ok.

The moon towers high into the sky and i know...
We've avoided a catastrophe for another night...