Chapter One

Dear Diary,

It's been another day on the planet Earth. Its stranger then the planet I was originally on before appearing here. "Mother" keeps feeding me that stuff from the thing called a fridge. It tastes weird. And healthy too. The only true friends I've had on this place are my "Older brother" and Mike. "Older brother" has a name. It's strange. It's Emmett. And Mike is my pet cat. He's brown. And he has these strange eyes also. One's orange, the other blue.

Anyways, aside from that, it hasn't been boring to say the least. Though, they're stupid. They don't know that I can write like I do. Intelligent I am. Tomorrow, "Mother" says I'm going to a place called school, and I am entering Kindergarten. Whatever that is! Uh oh. "Brother" is coming. I better hide you quick!


I hid the diary in the depths of my pillows, as my Elder Brother came stomping his way over. "Morning Sparkles," he said, using the nickname that the family has so called picked. My real name is Mariah Cunnings, and my older brother is Emmett Cunnings. We're from England, so to speak. Just four years ago, Mother and Father brought us here, moving us from our comfy little home to this place called America. Emmett likes it here, I can tell you that. He comes home with a smile on his face, and tells Mother all about his place at school, which is Fourth Grade. I bet you that it's more intelligent than the place I have to go to tomorrow.

Emmett picked me up from the way too small cradle that Mother and Father still hasn't thrown out yet, and set me on the ground, so I could walk around without getting cramps in my small and chubby legs. I don't think that crib is very comfortable like Emmett's bed is. I like it there. Mike comes along too, to sleep right by my face and to keep the evil beings away from us.

"Where are we going, Emmett?" I asked him, but it came out more like, "Where we goin' Emmer?" How embarrassing. Already out of diapers and I can't speak like a normal person. Or what these creatures call themselves. "Where are we going? Well, we're going outside, to play with the other kids," Emmett explained, his child like voice said, and he seemed more excited than usual. Maybe some disastrous even happened and he's so happy he can't wait to tell me!

Following him, and passing a still sleeping Mike, I held onto my brother's hand tightly, and watchful as soon as we reached the door. He put on the big and large coat that Mother and Father pulled me through a few days ago, when it was really chilly outside, and helped me put on the boots we bought too. "You're gonna like this too. It's so white and clean outside today. And it's going to be your first too. A little late then the normal kids, but at least you'll remember it. And it's a little early too," Emmett explained softly, almost whispering, and tugged me into the cold weather after he put a large green scarf and hat on my person. The light blinded me, almost making me totally unable to see.

"Isn't it awesome?" the brown haired boy beside me said, squeezing my hand in his gloved one. His sparkling green eyes were literally doing all the sparkling, and I turned away from him, to see what he was gazing at. The entire neighborhood was covered in this white stuff. I've heard that it's called snow. Or was it rain? I can't remember. I just know that I don't like this. It's way too cold for this to be normal. "This is called: Snow, something that you'll come to love in Seattle. And it's fun also. You can create things with it. Like snow men and snow fights and…" I allowed him to drag on, and I went back to examining. All of the kids from our block were already playing in it, and I watched as some people licked some of the falling white things coming from the sky. A door slammed next to us, and I could see our new neighbor's kids come running out in their gear. They came in last week, and they're already in my log/diary.

"Mitchell! I want you to meet someone!" Em called out towards a boy wearing an extremely red cap and black snow pants. "Emmett? Hey! Guys! Emmett's out!" the boy cried, and three other boys came with him, crunching the snow beneath them to get to where we stood on our front porch. "What's up?" the first boy asked. I'm guessing he was Mitchell, since he was the one wearing the bright red cap and black pants. "Mitchell, Eric, Tim, Luke. This is my little sister Mariah, or Sparkles. It's her nickname," Emmett said, talking to each boy separately as he spoke their names. "Yo. Nice to meet you, Emmett's little sis. The names' Tim," the boy in a green scarf similar to mine said, patting my already caped head lightly.

Two boys who looked similar nodded their heads at me, one wearing a yellow jacket, a red scarf, and blue hat, while the other had a yellow hat, purple gloves, and an orange pair of snow pants. "Luke," the one with the red scarf said, and pointed to the other one, wearing the purple gloves. "And Eric," he continued, and Mitchell introduced himself… well as Mitchell. "I'm going to show my sister the way of the snow. You wanna help?" Em asked them, and each one grinned a scary grin, each more scary then the one on the left of each other. Emmett grabbed my left arm, and dragged me to one side of the street with Tim following us, and Mitchell, Luke, and Eric going to the other side. "What are you doing?" I asked my older brother, and this time, my words came out exactly the way I wanted them too. "We are going to have an old fashioned snowball fight, like normal people," Tim explained before my green eyed brother could answer.

I nodded, and hoped that only I shall come out unscathed from this battle. It's time to show the world what I, Mariah Cunning, can do!

Grinning about two times as wickedly as the five boys that were playing with me, I began to formulate a plan. I just have to scan for the weakest links, hit them first, and then I have to attack the Captain of the field. Then we'll win~!

"Now sis. You have to make a ball out of the powdery stuff called snow. Then you throw it at your target on the other side of the field. And you have to keep doing that until Mitchell quits or everyone's pooped… Got it?" Tim explained, and a 'Hey! I heard that!' could be heard from the other side. "You were meant too!" Emmett yelled back, and I giggled. If I have these people on my side, it would be a wonderful battle. Let the games begin… :D

(^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^)

I was tired. And nothing could stop me from going to sleep that night and dreaming about that game called "Snow Fight" I want to play more of that. We played a whole game until it was time to come in for lunch, since it was nap time for me, and I had to have lunch afterwards. And then I had to go shopping for school clothes with Mother. But not before I have a small date with dear old Diary…

Dear Diary,

This morning wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Even though I probably didn't say so. I was thinking that I had to lay in bed while "Mother" and "Father" did some adult stuff with Emmett. Like watch a baseball game, or play the radio while I was supposedly sleeping. Nah. I never sleep unless I was fully tired, like at nights after a really long day.

Anyways, Emmett took me outside, and it was SNOWING! It was wonderful! I got to play with the older kids, and even see some kids my age. Though, they played with each other, while I played with Emmett's friends Mitchell, Luke, Eric, and Tim. Remind me that when I take over the world, that they shall be spared the most brutal punishments. They shall be spared, along with Mike. He shall always be spared, since he'll be by my side forever. Nothing will ever happen to my Mikey.

Again, getting off topic. We played the game called "Snow Fight". It was fun. What was odd though, that none of them died brutally, or even fell to the ground from exhaustion, besides Mitchell that is. Emmett says that it's because he has asthma, and that it's hard for him to breathe and do all the hard working activities that we can do. At least we have something in common though. He has his asthma, while I have my peanut allergy. Yes, I am allergic to the most popular nut on this planet. Shocking isn't it. Gotta be going! "Mother" is coming to get me for shopping.


Stuffing the book back under my pillow, I watched as Mother got me ready for the outing. She brushed my short auburn hair, and put it up in small high pigtails, and pushed my bangs to the side, humming a song by a British band that was very popular in the 60s. I think that was called the Beatles. The song sounded quite nice. So I decided to ask what song that was. "What song is this? Why, it's 8 Days a Week. By that band your daddy and I like," Mother said, humming another song by them. I knew that one, since she loved that one the most. It was Hey Jude. I liked that one too. Maybe it was because it was a bit mellow. Or because I was from the same country that they were from. I don't know.

Fixing my red T-shirt, that said "Daddy's Little Monster", and pulling down my purple skirt a little, and raising my white knee high socks, she set me down and walked me to the door. Our shoes were there, my boots there too, drying from the hardcore playing I did while outside only about an hour ago. Mother seemed to head to those pink boots, but decided against it, pulling her hand towards these cute little purple ones with clipped straps so they would stay on my feet better than the half soggy pair. "You want to put these on yourself?" Mother asked me, like I was a baby again. I guess that's what every parent wants every year their child grows up. For them to become small again. So, as a free grant of seeing her little girl do something she thinks is "exciting" I nodded my head, knowing that I'd feel embarrassed no matter what. So I clipped my shoes on, ignoring that excessive clapping Mother was doing, and walking out the door with my snow coat on, and straight to the car we went. She buckled me in my car seat, and walked to the front of the small car we owned, and onto her side, slipped into her own seat, and buckling her own seatbelt. "You ready?" she asked me, and I nodded, a blank emotion on my face.

She put on her favorite radio station, and I watched as the snow covered leaves fly by until we reached our destination. It was Target, and I knew our routine. We'd go in, and while she talked to a lady that she knew since High School, I'd climb into my seat at the front of the cart. And we did exactly that, as we walked into the big red building. "Good morning Glenda!" the lady called, using Mother's normal name. "Annabelle. So good to see you. How's Henry?" Glenda asked the older woman, and I looked at the difference the two looked like. Mother had dark brown hair, like Emmett, and Annabelle (The Target Lady as I like to call her), had blonde hair that was starting to get gray hairs. And while Mother had a smooth face and blue eyes, Target Lady had small wrinkles around her eyes, mouth, and chin, and tired gray eyes. They were like opposite, something that Mother and I would probably soon be in a few more years.

"Oh he's getting better! Ever since he went to the doctor last week to get his new pills, he's been feeling 24 again. I wish that I'd feel like that again. Young and clueless, not ready for what life throws at me. But Mariah will be soon, won't she. She's starting Kindergarten soon, right?" Annabelle asked Mother, and Mother nodded sadly. "She's growing up fast. It's almost sad. Sometimes I'll wish I could just rewind back to when she was born and start all over again. I'd do the same with Emmett. Oh and when I met Gregg. I wish I could relive those times forever," Mother said, eyes slightly watering. "You will soon. But it's better to savor the moments now," Target Lady said, and I began to ignore what was happening. Mother thinks that I'll grow up and meet some nice guy who will sweep me off my feet. Pshh. Like I'll allow that to happen. Boys are icky. Besides Emmett and Mike. Those are the only boys I shall ever allow into my room. And maybe Father, if he's nice to Mike and Emmett. Those are my rules. Plus, I have my own goals to reach before this "Falling in Love" thing.

It takes a while before Mother and calm down some to do my shopping. We hit the clothing first, and I see her grabbing anything that will look "cute" or "adorable" on me. Or anything that will let people know I'm a girl. Though, I think people will understand that I am female as soon as they spot the pigtails she puts in my hair and the silver and plastic bracelets I wear on Mondays-Fridays when I visit Grandmother after Mother, Father, and Emmett go to their respective places in the world on those days. After all the clothes shopping, we head to the school supplies. Kindergarten starts later then all the other grades, so we got an extra day while all the other kids went to school and learned to count. How you count, I never want to know. It sounds harder and complicated then spending your time for dominating the world.

"It's time to go beep," Mother says, and she pushes the cart full of my supplies into a line, and waits for about 5 or 10 minutes. This is the time where she fidgets and wiggles and reads everything until we get to the cashier. "Finally," I hear her whisper, and we get to the front to see a nice looking lady that looks strangely familiar to me somehow. "Oh… Elizabeth. You work here now?" Mother asks the woman, and the lady nods sternly before plastering a fake smile on her face. That's where I know her! She's the mother of the two kids that just moved in here last week. The two kids I saw when I played in the snow just earlier today. Her names Elizabeth? Sounds more normal then our family's names.

The lady has black hair that's in a plait behind her, and hazel eyes surrounded in thick round glasses. She was wearing the uniform that everyone else in Target wears: red shirt, khaki pants, and dark shoes of some sort. "Glenda. How nice to see you again," she says sharply, and beeps us without another word, besides giving us the amount of what we needed to pay and that "Thank you! Have a nice day!" I hear everyone say while every costumer leaves the building.

We left the said building, and we did the normal routine and went home in silence, the radio not even turned on by my music loving mother. I have to get to know this 'Elizabeth' more. And her kids may be just like her. They will be an important part of my domination plan… :D

So when Mariah puts the '~S' thing, that's just short for her nickname, Sparkles. I didn't know if you guys understood that. But I hope that you enjoy this first chapter!


Oh! And I don't on Target… just thought you might wanna know that…