I rue that day, I really do! These were the last word Zayn said to her before he disappeared. How could he not see who she really was? How could he be so blind to see the real ugliness behind that pretty face? Was it his own entire fault that he married her before knowing her or was it hers, for she was a two faced witch? A witch! That's exactly what she was, a witch, who manipulated him and his rational judgement. Therefore, none of these were his fault. It was all hers. She used her powers to make him feel things he never felt before.

Before, to him, she was so beautiful, so angelic. These were the only words to describe her beauty. She was his angel. Her golden locks would bounce up and down when she walked around the town. She had the most extraordinary violet eyes with pecks of grey that shone brightly every time her lush pink lips curved into a smile. When she smiled, even the birds would stop flying to admire her, for she had the perfectly straight, white teeth that would appear at the same time as the little cute dimple on her left cheek. Her beauty was so out of this world that sometimes the things it made Zayn feel scared him. He always felt he was in a daze when he was around her. She was the most beautiful girl in the entire town and everybody wanted her, including him. That was the reason why he agreed to go through her test in the first place. If he only knew her real self from the beginning, he would've never gone through it.

There were too many people who wanted her in the town, so she decided to put them all through a test to prove their love for her. When she told the rules to the men who wanted to marry her, there was only one person in her mind. She pulled a strand of her hair and held it up high, "The one thing I love more than anything in this world is sweet desserts. Make me a dessert sweeter than sugar and thinner than this strand of hair." All the men after hearing this ran to their homes and got started to make the dessert she wanted.

Zayn was in his bakery with his best friend Niall, a blonde Irish lad who, just like Zayn was trying to come up with the perfect dessert for her. They were both locked in their rooms, aprons and faces covered in flour. It took Niall three days to come up with a dessert that he was satisfied she would like. Unfortunately for him, she didn't think it was thin enough. Many people tried and were all turned down. Some had sweet but not thin enough and some had thin but not sweet enough.

Everybody was tired of keep going back and forth. Well, except one person. Zayn. He was in his bakery through all this, trying to come up with the perfect sweet for his angel. After a week, Zayn stepped outside, his sweetest and thinnest dessert covered and in his hands. He smiled and walked towards her house. He wasn't sure if she would like it or not. However, with each second that he made the dessert, she was the one in his mind. He knocked the door, gave the dessert to her and without saying or letting her say anything, he left. And now, Zayn was marrying his angel. She chose him and his dessert. His dessert was the sweetest thing she ever tastes and thinner than a strand of her own hair. She loved it.

A year later, Zayn was having problems with his job at the bakery and couldn't bring as much money as he did before and that caused a problem between him and his wife. Zayn started to see the changes in the woman he thought was sweet and angelic. She was being rude, mean, disrespectful and irresponsible. All she would do was complain about how Zayn was always at his bakery, how he never paid attention to her anymore, and how despite what he did at the bakery, he wouldn't bring enough money for her. Zayn was getting tired of all of her complaining and asked her what the problem was.

"What is the problem? The problem is me, a beautiful woman, choosing a hideous man like you as a husband." Her words cut deep and Zayn didn't understand why she was saying such horrible things. Apparently though that wasn't enough, for she continued, "The problem is me thinking I would use a gullible man like you for his money but I can't even do that because you are a useless man who doesn't have any money left." She kicked Zayn out of the house and told him to never come back but not before hearing him say, "I rue that day, I really do!"

For the first time there, Zayn saw the real personality of the woman he thought he knew before. She was a beautiful woman with the ugliest personality. He wished he never married her. He wished he saw what a horrible person she was from the beginning. Zayn with his sad thoughts went to his bakery and came across a shelf. He took the dessert and looked at it. He sighed and picked up a pen. On the outside of the box of the dessert Zayn made for his now ex wife, he wrote 'Rue'. From now on, let everyone know this dessert as Rue, for it symbolizes how much I rue the day I made it thought Zayn and closed down his bakery, going outside and walking ahead not knowing where to go.