a/n: i was having a meltdown earlier today and someone just told me to breathe. i was surprised at how much it helped.

i lay in bed and count to ten:
once on my fingers,
once on my toes.
i read the text message from my friend that
tells me to breathe
and wonder what people see in me.

my mom says that happiness is being
content with what you've been given.
my sister says it's in
the absence of sorrow.

i think
maybe happiness is your first snow, or
when your favoite song comes on the radio.
maybe it's your heart, skipping beats
when they look at you.
it could be
when someone tells you, "good job."
or when a warm bed and a full stomach
is enough.

but maybe
(in the end)
happiness is
just a text message from a friend
simply reminding you to breathe,
and you do.