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Paris, France
May 20, 2005
5:37 P.M.

Maya POV

I was just done taking a shower in a hotel bathroom when saw a message on the bathroom mirror with my red lipstick. "The final clue is just around the corner. Be careful!" What does that even mean? How did that even get on here? It wasn't on there before I went to the shower... Was it? I thought to myself before hearing someone knocking at the door. When I looked through the peephole, I saw, wait... How did he find me? I thought I lost him in San Francisco four years ago!

San Francisco
January 1, 2001
3:03 A.M.

Maya POV

Just a few hours ago I was celebrating New Years with my friends when some strangers took me and tied me up with some cloth that had some type of sleeping drug. I woke up about an hour later in some room with gray cement walls and no windows. There was a door but it looked as if it was locked. I ran up to the door yelling,

"Open up the door! NOW! I demand you to open!"

"Who says I have to open it up for you?" A rather smooth british voice had said through some speakers.

"Show yourself! Who are you? Where am I? I DEMAND ANSWERS!" I tried saying in a commanding voice to make it look as if i wasn't scared of him, even though I was scared out of my mind.

"Well little Angel Girl, you are in a cell in a hidden place I mustn't tell you."

"No I Never thought I was in a cell!" I said in a rather sarcastic voice.

"Well you are Angel girl!"

"Why are you calling me 'Angel Girl' all the time?"

"What you don't know? You are an Angel, Love. The daughter of God of the Heavens and Death."

"What are you talking about? God isn't real! My name is Maya, Maya Hale! LUCY IF THIS IS ONE OF YOUR WEIRD PRANKS I AM SO GETTING YOU!"

"Silly little girl, you never tell any random person you real name, Love. You don't even know what will happen when you tell someone."

What is he talking about? God isn't real, right?

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