With my mom I visited the beautiful place, the land of many temples, Talakadu."Let's sit here" my mom said as we finished visiting all the temples in Talakadu. We sat on a bench to have some rest. We didn't have anything to eat and only had a water bottle to drink some water.

We talked about the temples and about the curse on that region and discussed some matters. I looked forward and I saw an old man with his wife sitting on a rock eating some biscuits quiet away from us. There were three dogs surrounding the couple for the biscuits they were eating, one mother and two puppies. They were too skinny.

"I think those dogs must be hungry" I said looking at them. I really felt bad for them especially for those puppies. My mom looked at them and sighed and said "Yeah, they have nothing to eat just as we are". We just laughed and began looking at those poor dogs. The old man was having biscuits as his wife used to give him. The dogs greedily were nearing him for the biscuits but the old man was only raising his hands in the air instead of giving them some bread as if he was about beat them. The scared dogs used to jump back as he raised his hands.

"Poor dogs" I muttered. "Look, how merciless the old man is! What would happen to him if he gave some biscuits to them?" Mom did say nothing but kept watching them.

The poor dogs went away from him looking at them both. They kept on sniffing the ground expecting they may get some food in underground. "If I had something to eat, I would have given them to eat, but not like that old man does" I said looking around to find some shops to buy something for them. "Hm" mom said.

There was nobody except the couple and us. Poor dogs were still on searching their food. The two little puppies came towards us expecting some food from us. I felt very sorry for them much. They both stared at me, their eyes were swallowed deep. There was great hunger in their eyes. My heart was nearly broken. They stood staring at me for a while. I didn't have any chance to help them. Then they returned to their mom who was still searching for them. Then I saw a person opening the door of a shop.

"Mom, give me some money I'll get some biscuit for them" rising from the bench.

"Where will you get?" asked my mom taking out her purse from her bag.

"A shop has just now opened, I'll check whether there is something to eat for the dogs" I said "and for us" I completed.

"Here take it" she handed some money and I ran towards the shop.

"Excuse me" I said politely.

What? What do you want?" the shopkeeper said with his gruff voice.

"Well, are there any biscuits or breads?" I asked him still politely even he asked me harshly.

"No, Just now I opened my shop and you are asking me biscuits? I should open all the bundles to give you. Go away"

My face turned into red. "Look, I'm not begging here, I've brought the money. Look" I showed him the money. "Behave yourself." I turned my back against him and went away stamping my feet.

"You can buy. Please come" he said realizing his mistake.

"No thanks" I said glancing back at him and went to my old place.

"Did you buy?" mom asked.

"No. There's nothing to eat it seems" I lied because, I didn't want to tell her. But she understood what happened by looking at me. And she was observing us.

"Well" I said sitting on the bench. "Where are they?"

"They were somewhere and now they returned" The three hungry dogs went again towards the old man. But he got up and went somewhere with his wife and threw the crushed wrapper of the biscuit on the ground. The dogs sniffed the wrapper to find the pieces of biscuits but they didn't find anything.

"Oh, I'm really sorry dear dogs. I couldn't give you anything" I said. And we need to leave the place now because we spent nearly one hour visiting the temples and observing the dogs.

Fortunately, a small boy came from somewhere. He was holding some bread in his hand and called the dogs, they ran towards him moving their tails to and fro. He kept the bread pieces on the ground the three dogs ate them at all and filled their stomach. The two little puppies became active now and started playing with the boy.

"I think the puppies knows the boy well" said mom. We both got up to leave the place and I thanked the boy and asked him "Are they your pets?"

"No. they are not. They stay here so, we've become good friends. I had been to a shop to get them some bread for them" he said.

"Not that shop right?" I asked him pointing at the shop which I had been there.

"No. I never buy anything from him. He never speak properly with others"

"Where do you stay?" I asked.

"There" he showed a small hut near to him. I thought he might be poor and gave him some money and said "Bye. Take care of the dogs"

"Thank you" he said and return back to play with dogs.

We went to the bus stand which was nearby. We got the bus there. After some time the wheels got their life and the bus moved forward. I looked back I found the dogs still playing with the small boy and I turned back and sighed with relief and took out my book and began reading the book.