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I am super sorry for any strong words I use….. I don't even know if they're 'strong' or not. K. Enjoy.

Warning: May contain teenage-ish things,…..

360° degree quest

The sun peaked in a cold dark alley. Though the dark aura and sadness that enveloped the narrow road, dimmed the light of the star.

Maia was awake in the usual alley. Her eyes, bloodshot from keeping awake the whole night. Her knees were up to her chest and carrying a small soft bundle. Her light brown hair a bird's nest, and her worn out clothes were dirtier with all thecrap put into it. She considered going back to her house. But then she was sure to get beaten by that idiot of a so-called father.

Well, he wasn't really her father. He did it to keep his reputation of a 'kind' officer. Notice the air quotes around 'kind'. Her family isn't the real family of Maia. Her so-called 'mother' is a fat obese woman with two spoiled children her age. They despised her, and she despised them.

And besides. She couldn't take these two with her inside that sh*thole. Maia looked at the two wet kittens in her arms. They were a pair. Both abandoned by their mothers and both attacked by the gang from the next town. The assholes, bullying the weak. She saved little kittens and made new friends that wanted to beat the crap out of her. Life was great.

She sighed and peeked on the two. They were small and wet. One was gray with brown stripes and the other was orange with black stripes. She sighed, with more of her essence falling out this time. Maia wondered why she even bothered, they were dying anyway. They could have starved and Maia would've just walked passed them. As if this world needed more sad sob stories like these.

She tried keeping them warm and dry with a rag she found in the dump. But it rained that night, she continued to walk on not really minding the water. Every drop on her skin stung on her wounds but she kept running. This morning seemed to mock her. No trace of a bloody duel; The day was warm it washed away all thoughts on last night's events.

Limping down the alley again, she heard footsteps. She immediately ran for it, not daring to look back. The steps followed. Running as fast as she could without waking the sleeping cats. But her stalker were easily catching up to her. 3 pairs of feet effortlessly followed. Maia took a left, dead end. She hid behind some old crates. Waiting for them to pass. She relaxed and dozed for a few minutes.

The footsteps came nearer again. She felt a cold hard object touch her cheeks. Maia froze, not daring to move. The bundle where her lovely kittens lay, was empty. It was covered in fresh blood. Maia was furious now.

She immediately opened her eyes and grabbed the hands of the attacker. Her deadly glare was enough to send Medusa running for the hills. But the gray and cloudy eyes softened when she saw who they were.

"Leader," she whispered. And took a step back. A boy of about 17 smiled at her and held a flat dog tag with a metal chain in his hands. "Happy Birthday Mai." And passed the chain to her. Before she got to look at the words on it, she was tackled by a blonde girl. "Happy birthday Maia! Can't believe your already this tall! I remember you used to such a-" She smiled. "Pig Martha." Maia spoke out nonchalantly. "Who are you calling pig! You little brat!" The one she called Martha's face burned.

"Hey Mai! Get these little rats away from me would you!" A 14 year old shoved the two small kittens in her hands. "What Kai? Can't take on two small cats?" Pig Martha grinned as she poked Kai's shoulders. "Shut up Pig!" he stuck his tongue out and crossed his arms. "Kai. You're arm is bleeding." Maia told him as she dried her two small friends. "Leader?" she looked at the tall brown haired boy. He sighed and ripped a piece of his shirt. Maia took it and began wrapping Kai's wound with it. That was what the blood was. She thought silently to herself.

Once the bandage was wrapped and the small yet old cake was eaten, Kai said. "Mai! You're finally 13! Isn't that awesome?" He yelled with dirt and cake all over his face. "You have cake on your face." She just replied. The two kittens were snuggling up to Martha's chest. Leader laughed with Martha. "But it just makes her a more vunerable target isn't that right Alex?" Martha pig looked at leader. "Yeah it does actually. But its okay." He hit Maia on her head fondly, "I've known the squirt since she was 7. She can handle them." And Mai smiled at her leader's faith.

Soon Maia was on to school. It was strange how a gangster living in an alley was able to go to school. If it was up to her, she wouldn't even remember where it was at. But Leader told her she had to go, or the police would find her. It was a rule in their gang. Only those who don't need to go, or those who don't have a school can stay with the group.

Unlike most gangs in the area, Mai's was with a great leader. They were like family there. And the dirty and mucky alley seemed much like home compared to that hellhole. Alex was a great and kind leader. He could be a death machine when it came to fights, but was just like their brother in the base. Another condition he made was that if you want to join, you need to be 'educated' at least to a 5th grade level. After that, it was all freedom you want.

And like always, school was sh*t. Lucky for her, it passed by pretty uneventful. When math class ended, it was time to meet hell. Detention. And Ms. Gonax was the teacher in charge of it. Forever Damn her. She was hell. All students hate her to death. A horrible old teacher. Always making mistakes but gets mad when is corrected. Talks back when something is done wrong. She can't even teach properly. Rumor has it she carries around a huge wooden stick which she hits kids with, in her bag.

And during detention, Maia was made to finish a whole stack of 6th grade algebra books. She couldn't leave until it was finished. When she finally left for the teacher's lounge, she started escaping. But someone signaled Ms. Gonax and she returned.

Maia had no choice but to sit back down. Flipping over the book absent mindedly she saw a picture of an old man. He looked as if he was holding the sun. But when she looked again, it was just a metal ruler. "That's a protractor." She heard the girl to her right say. This kid obviously doesn't know who she's talking to. She heard the thoughts of the nervous kid around her. Yes. Maia has a reputation. Something about beating up a senior gangster in her 3rd grade.

"Do you know what it is?" She asked again. The girl was a brown haired girl in pigtails. "No." Maia responded after staring at the circle with the number 360 on it. And she left, just like that.

Mai was walking around town absentmindedly. During her walk, she thought about the number 360. She didn't understand why that number bothered her so.

This day might have been her birthday, but it was an equally sad day that she refused to spend birthdays with a smile. And the weight of the burden just made her life worse. She remembered. Her brother. Marcus.

He was younger than she was. He was young and spirited. And the only source of joy in Maia's life. Marcus died during a car crash at their uncle's house. They were separated when Maia was only 5. He was 4. They had a choice. One could go to military school, and one stayed with their father's brother. Uncle was a kind man, but he was a painter and couldn't support two children. Uncle would've loved to have Maia, he was the only known living relative of theirs. The man they should have called father abandoned mom on the steps of their brand new home. Mom was so broken to see him leave that she killed herself afterwards, and set the house on fire in the process.

Maia never told Marcus. But he found out one way or another. To protect her brother's smile, she chose to live in the military. It was hell. They beat her with a stick and left her out in the rain fully naked. It was more of a penitentiary. Maia never did anything wrong. She was a good girl, just like her mommy told her to be. But that day shaped her life.

She left a few days after her arrival. And found herself in a police station shortly afterwards. The rest was history.

They still communicated using letters. The two remained close to each other despite the long distance put between them.

Only Maia threw herself into a rage when she received word of Marcus' death. She started killing and hitting everything in her way and escaped the house where she currently resides. She injured 13 people and killed a man, beat him and he now lays in the hospital. Far worse than dead. Maia would have been unstoppable, but leader calmed her down and allowed her the tears and burdens to flow from her eyes.

That day he died. Was today. April 26th. And she blamed herself for his death. When uncle and Marcus' heard that she escaped they rushed to go and find her, but it rained heavily that day and they didn't see the truck coming. Uncle managed to escape with a few bruises and lost the use of his left eye. But Marcus didn't. Little did she know how she would die the same way he did.

She walked so far, she didn't notice where her feet took her. Someplace far. Someplace where she would lie forever, cold and alone. Where she would surrender to the darkness.

Instead she found herself in the chapel on the hill. She was at the outskirts of the city.

She entered. It was cold and empty she walked to the altar and screamed. Her pain and suffering let out in the deafening wail. Maia did not allow tears to fall. Her eyes were a barrier, tears ready in line. Waiting for their command to charge and release the terror inside her. Maia fell and lay there, drowning herself in agony.

She woke up, in the middle of the night. With the feelings of hate for God. "Why did you take him! Why! Wasn't I a better option! All the suffering I have had for this empty promises! WHY!" she howled and wept without her tears. And when she was finished she curled up. A warm hand touched her shoulder. "Maia, please wake up." She looked up, her eyes started shinning. Maia stood up to face the boy. He was a head taller than her, with beautiful blonde hair and clear and hopeful eyes. He was wearing a pure and white robe but the weirdest part was he had wings. Beautiful shinning wings.

"Maia. I am your angel Riche. God gave me permission to come down and help you." He smiled, a dazzling smile that seemed as if the sun shone when the moon was shinning out in the dark. The cold and dark chapel room suddenly shone. And Maia just glared at him. "You're a fake." And she walk towards the door.

Riche was shocked and ran after her. "Wait here Maia!" she grabbed her shoulders and made her face him. "I am real." But Maia's eyes remained cloudy. "You aren't real. A French play boy like you can't possibly be an angel." She turned away and opened the door. Riche's face had an inch of annoyance, but he held his fists. "Wait." He told her quietly. "You can say all the things you want about me. But not about God. Especially not to Him." She stopped, her hands inches away from the handle. "How did you-" He held up a hand, "How am I to be blessed? When no angel has ever smiled down upon me. I hate God. I hate Him." and he smiled at Maia. A genuine and kind smile that made Maia's heart grow warm. "Don't give up Hope. I will protect you."

For a moment Maia stared. Daring to believe.

But Maia shouted her insults to him and ran out into the rain. The road was wet and slippery and she didn't have enough time to see the incoming truck. Everything flashed. The truck's horn blowing so loud. The screams of Riche to Maia. The rain crashing down on the cement and metal. And the ring of the bells to chime midnight. And deafening silence.

'Put FAITH, HOPE and LOVE together. And you can make positive feelings in this negative world.' These words of comfort may mean nothing at all.

Author's Note

I am so sorry Lord! I love you with all my heart! I really do! :(((( I'm sooooooo sorrrrryyyyyy ;_;